Monday, 9 November 2009

BFFI Sunday 8th November

Went to the Fly Fair on Sunday, a good day out with some retail therapy thrown in (but don't tell Mrs P)! Numerous good tyers of all different types of fly from tiny spiders to massive pike and saltwater flies. All the usual suspects were there, Oliver Edwards, Paul Procter, Stuart Crofts, Malcolm Greenhalgh etc.
There was an excellent tyer from Sweden demostrating some wing burners and some thin film to create very realistic wings on olives to caddis, needless to say I succumbed to a caddis wing burner in a small (8-10mm) size with some corresponding film, will post some pics when I get started. Got some tiny beads in assorted colours (brown, purple, orange) which will work well on small spiders to get them down to the grayling. Also picked up some dyed muskrat in olive which always dubs well and creates good looking bodies, at least on an adams etc. so should tie up well on small olives too! Picked up a dvd from the WTT produced by Paul Gaskell of the Trout in the Town (I think) fame, providing you made a contribution of £15. A really good watch and well worth it. Also spotted some of the new John Tyzack dvd on mayflies, which looked definitely promising.
All in all a good day but I don't think there were as many people as in previous years, maybe the credit crunch is having an effect.
Not had a chance to get out on the river for any grayling yet as I tend to use the trout close season for appeasing Mrs P. although last week the Derwent was up and coloured for a few days.