Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday 31st May

Decided to have the last hour over the road below Baslow Old Bridge but had a rather frustrating time as had been to a bbq next door and drunk a few beers so maybe my reactions were not up to scratch!

There were plenty of olive uprights and smaller paler olives on the wing and again a few mayfly spinners here and there. Fished an olive grey bodied parachute (again) and eventually landed a nice brown after a few abortive attempts. Changed to a pheasant tail parachute and immediately landed a nice rainbow. I have started to use dillywax for my dries and I must say its great stuff, even after catching several fish the fly still floats without further help, recommended.
As usual this past week the temperature dropped about 2115 and the rises stopped, so called it a day.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

WTT Day at Youlgreave

Attended the WTT get-together in Youlgreave with Roger (Derwentflyfisher), I don't propose to go into chapter and verse just to say it was an excellent day, all the speakers were informative and very professional. The Director, Simon Johnson was presented with a cane rod for all his work done with the trust as he is moving on to another job with the Eden Rivers Trust, good luck to him. The new Director has some large shoes to fill!

Walked the Bradford and Lathkill rivers where there were masses of mayfly hatching and on the wing.

Male mayfly - how can you tell?
Met up with KDH and Alex Swann from the flyfishing forum, nice to see you guys and put a face to the name.

I took the spinners I trapped last evening with me and Dr Cyril Bennett identified them as olive uprights. Again this evening loads about by the river but I didn't fish, why (idiot!)?

A view upriver towards Raper Lodge from Alport.
Went to the new hydro scheme by the mill in Alport where Warren gave us a guided tour and explained the reasons behind the scheme. Then back to Youlgreave via the pub for a well earned shandy! Met a couple of guys there from the Wye and Usk Foundation, that certainly looks an interesting area to fish, Roger and I will definitely make a visit there.
Overall an excellent day , thank you WTT for organising it.

Friday, 29 May 2009

WTT Day at Youlgreave

WTT have a get together again at Youlgreave tomorrow. If the last one is anything to go by it will be a good day. Especially looking forward to see how the habitat improvements have changed the Lathkill and Bradford rivers since last time. Weather forecast looks good too. Think I will go down to the cricket pitch beat this evening. Watch this space!

Went over the road, instead, below Baslow old bridge and fished downstream, a few fish rising and covered and a lively brown and a good grayling landed to a grey-olive parachute. Went downstream by the church and one hell of a hatch of various size olives, some about 12-15mm bodies in brown/olive, also some pale olive but only about 5-7 mm bodies, also some black gnats mating again! Obviously trying to immitate a double badger! Managed to trap some so hopefully someone at the WTT meet will be able to identify them. Maybe medium olives and olive uprights? The fish started to rise like mad with their noses coming up out of the surface so changed to a double badger and got another pair of browns in superb condition and as wild as they come. Fished until 2130 when the temperature dropped again and the fish disappeared.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Warm Balmy Evening (until 2100)

Chatsworth at 1945 busy?

After a lovely hot day busy doing the garden decided to have the last hour in the park. Met 2 guys coming off at 1930 who said there had been lots of flies hatching all day including olives and the odd mayfly but that nothing much had been rising and they had taken fish mainly on the nymph. So decided to fish my favourite piece in the park where there was a stump from an old willow tree cut down years ago but last winter it had been washed away so I was wondering what effect it would have on the swim. On the way down loads of flies about olives, black gnat and the occaisional sedge. Fish rising here and there. A couple of fish rising in the usual place on the run in so covered the first one and touched it but only momentarily, this was to a grey olive parachute. Covered the second fish and managed to land a lovely brown.

First brown
Lots of black gnats mating on the wing and also on the surface so switched to a double badger and also rose fish and landed a couple. Overall managed 4 out of a possible 8, 50% sucess rate, hmmmm.
Fished on until 2100 when the thermostat was turned down noticeably resulting in most of the fly disappearing along with the fish.
Stopped alongside the cricket pitch on the way back so decided to have a flick and rose a cracking alder bush which made off with my fly so called it a day.
Think I will fish the cricket pitch beat tomorrow evening all being well!

View upstream to the cricket pitch beat.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Derwent Condition

Derwent is up about 6 inches again today but clearing slightly from yesterday. Hopefully if we do not get anymore rain then it should be perfect for the weekend as the weather forecast looks ok especially Sunday. Maybe manage to get out for a couple of hours providing I don't get called as on-call (yuk!!).
Been tying some more 1up-1down mayflies from the Phil White school of tying, they are a cracking pattern and my mainstay now for the danica season! Will post a photo over the weekend in case anybody doesn't know what they look like.#
Here is an example

Saturday, 16 May 2009

A Day On The River Test May 15th

Spent a day on the hallowed waters of the River Test courtesy of a Corporate Day, John S could not make it so I was fortunate enough to be offered the day.

Travelled down to Stockbridge on Thursday getting there about 1700 so the "essential shops" were still open. Went into the Orvis shop, it's very simialr to the one in Bakewell, to try and find out the SP. Told that the mayfly were hatching along with a few olives and sedge in the evening. Then went over the road to Robjents, here the proprietor was extremely helpful recommending the killing patterns however as I tie my own tried to resist the temptation but succumbed to 2 "Robjents Daddy Longlegs" as its not a fly I usually use, informed the chap that he was extremely privelidged as it is about 25 years since I have actually bought any flies! A really good shop and if you are ever in the area well worth a visit to buy or browse, as we do. If you have never been to Stockbridge it is a lovely market town with pieces of the River Test at strategic points of the high street with the residential brown and rainbow monsters ala Bakewell town centre. However as the local tandoori was just across the way from one particular stretch I am sure the residents here probably would come out ready curried!

Stayed overnight at The White Hart, a welcoming inn at the top of the high streeat again recommended, were I met my hosts Kevin and Dave. Had dinner at the 3 Cups, certainly an entertaining evening!

On Friday morning went down to the Bossington Estate beats where we met Rob the organiser and owner of Halcyon Ways the Corporate Entertaining Business which organises this kind of day. Breakfast was laid on in the fishing hut (I say fishing hut more like a small bungalow you could easily live in) whilst we received the details of how the day was going to pan out with the do's and don'ts namely UPSTREAM DRY FLY ONLY. The River Test looked stunning although a bit coloured but magnificent with fish rising to mayfly which had started to hatch by this time, 1000. Tested my fly was ok at the edge and immediately Jaws grabbed it, a brown of about 8lbs! Needless to say it threw the hook, so carried on upstream wondering what was going to happen next. Do you ever get those days when you rise fish and hook them but they get off within 10 seconds, well this was starting like that. There were fish rising constantly here and there and amongst the mayfly were a couple of different types of olives. Decided to change to a mayfly after so many fish were seen rising and bang, the first to stay on was a brown of about 3lbs in fin perfect condition but obviously stocked. The rain started and though a few mayfly continued to come off the majority of the fish ignored them. Walked upstream to a thatched fishing hut to shelter but passed a few fish taking something small from the surface so covered them with my mayfly using a bow-and-arrow cast as there was bamboo behind me. Again after a couple of drifts a brown took and hared off upstream with me in pursuit as I only had a 4lb point on. Landed it and another superb brown in excellent condition about 4lbs. This went on catching all browns nothing smaller than 2 1/2lbs during the showers.

At about 1230 the heavens opened and so decided to head back to the hut for lunch at 1330 not seeing any fish rise on the way. Following a hearty lunch washed down with some very fine wine we adjourned to the river again, by which the rain had ceased. I took John G, a newcomer to flyfishing who only fished the previous 2 years at this same event, to a beat which Rob informed us had not been fished much. Did not see any fish rising until we got to a weirpool so encouraged John to cast to the edge of the fast water. After a couple of casts he hooked a fine brown and I managed to net it for him. The photo below is the fish, as you can see in first class condition.

Worked our way back to the hut for high tea catching browns all the way back to mayfly which were still coming off. Following tea the temperature dropped and the fly disappeared along with most of the fish so decided to walk downstream to take some photos. Passed a few likely looking places but no fish rising now. Put my mayfly across a weirpool and took another good brown which was duly returned like all my other fish. Got back to the hut at 1930 by which time only our group was left.

Most of the company were virgin fly fishers and had all taken fish which is encouraging to get people interested in fly fishing, they all appeared to enjoy themselves. John who had only fished a couple of times before took home 4 superb browns.

Made for home at 2030 by which time the sun had come out and lit up the whole valley now that fishing for the day was done for.

Once again many thanks to Dave and Kevin who hosted us, and John S for suggesting me to take his place.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

None Fishin' this weekend!!!!

Didn't manage to get out fishing this weekend so just popped over the road to check the river this evening! The Derwent has now run-off since the recent flood but the bottom still appears to have a cover of brown slime in places. It is running higher than before the recent rains, its in superb condition clear as a bell. It was about 1900 when I checked but no fish rising or any fly about as the temperature had dropped.

Got an email from Stuart Croft confirming the sedges I sent him from April 17th were grannom. This is the furthest upstream they have been reported according to Stuart.

In an earlier blog I mentioned the 'Nana' fly and that the body was muskwash, according to Mr Google muskwash is another name for muskrat! Thank heavens my Nan did not realise that, then I suppose years ago they would not have sold many fur coats made from rat fur! Interesting to note that the fur I have is not the normal grey of muskrat but a fawn/light tan colour.
A photo from a recent outing, the brown having taken a small black parachute when there were black midges on the water.

Monday, 4 May 2009

30th April

Cold day and raining but as I was on holiday this week was allowed a day fishing. It would have to be today why not yesterday when we went for a walk up Dovedale! Absolutely nothing rising so resorted to dark olive squirel nymph and an PP biot nymph which got 2 very small (4") browns, obviously wild as they come, beautiful! There was a hatch of small black midge so put on a dry black para and got a decent brown. Decided to call it a day at 1600. All the rain we have had over he last few days has not made any difference to the level of the Derwent, we desperately need a good flood to flush out all the rubbish and freshen it up.
Took a few photos which will follow.

26th April

Fished for a few hours above the works. Not much fly about, the odd LDO and a few midge. Only the occaisional fish rising. Water very low and clear with the bottom still covered in brown slime. Sunny but a chill in the air. Managed 3 browns and 1 out of season grayling to nymph and dry LDO.