Sunday, 25 March 2012

1st Trip of the 2012 Season

As planned yesterday Derek took me onto the Cressbrook and Litton streatch of the Wye to share a rod with him. We went above the A6 road bridge at the bottom end. Not much was happening which was odd considering the beautiful afternoon. Derek was 1st to score with a lovely small brown then it was my turn and I quickly took 2 small browns on a dry olive prarchute, what a cracking start. Fly life was also absent but we continued with the dry. We worked our way upstream and I took another brown. On reaching a slow deep pool we changed to the good old olive FSN where I took a reasonable brown and Derek took the best fish of the afternoon  a lovely rainbow. By now it was getting towards 5 and I had to get home so we worked our way back but didn't touch another fish.
We had to sign out at the luncheon hut and blow me someone else had beaten us to the beat earlier in the day! No wonder there wasn't much happening but all-in-all a good start to the season and a lovely beat to start it on too. Thanks Derek.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Nearly There - It's been a long Winter!

I have just been over the road to feed the ducks however the fish seemed more keyed up and were beating them to the bread! What a gorgeous day, really jealous of those whose season has started but here on Chatsworth its the 1st April for kick-off. I even spotted a couple of fish rising today just below Baslow old bridge, I could feel my arm going!
Hoping to get out over the weekend with Derek on the Creassbrook & Litton stretch of the Wye as his season has started so has invited me to share a rod for a few hours, can't wait.
Am enjoying reading all your blogs of seasons first trips.
Here's to a good season to everyone.