Saturday, 25 September 2010

Wednesday 22nd September - A Grand Day Out

As I am on holiday this week and I have not fished for a while due to work being done on the house, Derek invited me onto the Wye for a fish and a get together with Bill, David, Don, Keoth and John. We started about 1100 below Litton Mill as I have not fished there before and it always looks interesting and fishy whenever I walk along the river there. I tackled up my 8 1/2 footer with a small olive nymph and immediately took a decent rainbow at the head of the pool where numerous fish could be seen on the fin. Needless to say that was the only fish to take it as the others took fright! I notice a few olives about with the occasional rise so switched to a BWO and started to take fish (and losing some!) I worked my way up the pool and finished with 5 rainbows and a good brown.
Lunch was at the hut where Don was the chef performing well on the BBQ. The wine flowed and banter too! It was good to see David after his accident earlier this year, hope your back on the bank with us fully recovered next season. Keith was also there who I hadn't seen in ages and Bill one of my all time fishing friends, we joined L&DAA together then Chatsworth before he was seduced by the charms of the Wye and C&LFC.
After lunch Derek and I wandered upstream but as the valley was in deep shade the temperature must have been 10 degrees cooler than by the hut. No rising fish ao I went back to "Duffers" pool for a last cast before heading home after a thoroughly enjoyable day. Only downside was that I forgot my camera, DOH!