Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Fishing again soon (I hope!)

Well it is ages since I have been fishing due to having work done on the house but now most of it is done I am hoping to get out this weekend however heavy snow is forecast for tonight and over the weekend so watch this space!
I have kept up to date on the various blogs I follow and its good to see midgeman back! Some good tying has been placed online too, DW especially ties some excellent patterns. I am having to clear all the dust off my tying desk but hope to get back into the swing later.
Its good to see some of you guys (and gals) still out after the grayling, Hope you are LTD Glen. Have you used the nymph Roger as we all know its not your favourite method?
Keep fishing and tying!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

BFFI Sunday 31st October

Went to the Flyfair at Trentham with Roger. Decided to buy a bit of pike gear for tying up some pike flies, size 1 hooks, various hanks of synthetic for wings, wire trace, and bigfly thread mmmm lovely. Just need to practice tying some stuff, Celtic Fly had some good looking pike flies immitating roach, perch brown and rainbow trout all very realistic looking so hopefully mine may look something like them. Any way back to the BFFI, there was a lack of punters this year, maybe the recesion is hitting more people this year however it did make walking around the various stalls easier but it must be worrying for them at the lack of buyers. There were loads of excellent tyers too from all over the globe tying flies from tarpon down to size 32's! All in all it was another good day out, long may it continue, however next year it is in June at Stafford. Personally I think it is a mistake having it during summer surely people will be fishing? Anyway thats just me.

BTW does anybody know what has happened to Midgeman from USA as his blog has disappeared?