Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Lesson for Grasshopper from "The Master"

I finally took The Mistress out to meet The Master this evening. It was the first time I had had her out since she came into my possession. I am of course talking about my 7'9" bamboo rod acquired from that well known Bakewell fishing emporium The Bakewell Flyfishing Shop. Master had promised me a "getting to know your new rod" lesson and this evening we finally managed to arrange it. We met at the 1 arch bridge at the bottom of the park. Unfortunately the park was still full of grockles so we found somewhere quiet where the joys of casting with a bamboo rod could be explained. Peter had a look at my casting style and quickly pointed out some faults! He took the rod and made casting look like a art form. Although it was difficult at first I soon noticed where I was failing but it is so easy to forget this when you have to remember that. Anyway as Peter cast and I took it all in a fish took the wool on the end which was being used as a fly to show where the cast went, I could not be let lose with a fly yet! Needless to say the fish took the bit of red wool and was on for a few seconds before it decided to let go. We spent about an hour performing various casts before Grasshopper (David Caradine in Kung-Fu for those who don't understand) had had his fill and the light was going and I wanted Peter to have a few casts for the Chatsworth's submarines. We went upstream where there were still some fish rising even though the temperature was dropping and before long Peter connected with a nice grayling. I then had a few casts and landed a nice brownie so the rod was well and truly christened. We ambled back to our cars as a large herd of fallow dear on the far side were eyeing us up hoping that as soon as we had departed they could come down to the river to drink. All in all a delightful, entertaining, thought provoking and educational evening.
Many thanks Peter.
The Master shows us how it's done.