Sunday, 14 April 2013

At Last a New Season Starts

I decided to go on my first outing even though the weather was a bit on the cool and wet side. I went down to the willow pool, nobody else was about maybe due to the weather conditions. The Derwent was looking good with a hint of colour and maybe up an inch or two. The upstream wind was blowing quite hard which made casting tricky as I was a bit rusty due to not being out since February. I started with a dark olive fsn with a big bead to get down to the bottom as there was definitley no surface activity. After a couple of upstream casts the fly line stopped and I struck into a good sized rainbow which decided that he didn't want to play much and after a few jumps gave up the ghost! The river keeper came down and we spent half an hour chatting. A fish rose during this time as the odd olive fluttered about but not what you could call a hatch. I persevered for another half an hour for nothing so went up to the run in to the pool and made a few half hearted downstream casts getting another rainbow, this time an over wintered one. The wind now had changed to downstream and the showers were a bit heavier so another couple of casts and a reasonable brown I called it a day. It was good to be out again and a decent start to the season but hopefully warmer times ahead.