Thursday, 16 December 2010

Some Photos

I have added my favourite photos for 2010 to my picasa album.

Its snowing here again today and I have some family jobs to do over the weekend so probably won't get fishing again in 2010.

Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and hope you all have a good 2011 season.

Thanks for looking in.


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Not a Chance!

I managed to dig the car out from the drive yesterday afternoon after being stuck since Tuesday, Note to self:- next car must be 4x4!

The main roads around here are clear but the side roads mostly impassable unless in a 4x4. Consequenty not a chance to fish and I beliee the temp must have well below zero all day yesterday.

Anyway a few more snowy pics.

I am still trying to kick start my tying, can't seem to motivate myself yet. I have made a list of what I am going to tie :- LDO, pale watery, Adams, Grey duster, black gnat, tiny yellow parachute to name  a few. I have decided to have a clearout of my flybox and get shut of all those patterns of flies I have never used and just stick to those I have used recently. I thin most people carry far too many flies, I know I did so I am going to be strong and those flies I tied or took with me "just in case" are going!
Watch this space.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Snow Snow

Well I think it will be a few days before anybody gets on the river. Snow is knee deep and still coming down although thats probably diddley squat to wat comes down over the pond!

Anyway a few pretty pics!

Baslow St Annes Church

Calver Road Baslow

Bakewell Saturday 27th November

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Fishing again soon (I hope!)

Well it is ages since I have been fishing due to having work done on the house but now most of it is done I am hoping to get out this weekend however heavy snow is forecast for tonight and over the weekend so watch this space!
I have kept up to date on the various blogs I follow and its good to see midgeman back! Some good tying has been placed online too, DW especially ties some excellent patterns. I am having to clear all the dust off my tying desk but hope to get back into the swing later.
Its good to see some of you guys (and gals) still out after the grayling, Hope you are LTD Glen. Have you used the nymph Roger as we all know its not your favourite method?
Keep fishing and tying!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

BFFI Sunday 31st October

Went to the Flyfair at Trentham with Roger. Decided to buy a bit of pike gear for tying up some pike flies, size 1 hooks, various hanks of synthetic for wings, wire trace, and bigfly thread mmmm lovely. Just need to practice tying some stuff, Celtic Fly had some good looking pike flies immitating roach, perch brown and rainbow trout all very realistic looking so hopefully mine may look something like them. Any way back to the BFFI, there was a lack of punters this year, maybe the recesion is hitting more people this year however it did make walking around the various stalls easier but it must be worrying for them at the lack of buyers. There were loads of excellent tyers too from all over the globe tying flies from tarpon down to size 32's! All in all it was another good day out, long may it continue, however next year it is in June at Stafford. Personally I think it is a mistake having it during summer surely people will be fishing? Anyway thats just me.

BTW does anybody know what has happened to Midgeman from USA as his blog has disappeared?

Sunday, 3 October 2010

What a Weekend!

Well I was hoping to get out this weekend but to no avail. It poured down for most of the weekend and the derwent is running high and coloured. At least I can see some of you guys have been fishing in various parts of the globe, good on you!
Got my counter back, its amystery as to how it disappeared.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Wednesday 22nd September - A Grand Day Out

As I am on holiday this week and I have not fished for a while due to work being done on the house, Derek invited me onto the Wye for a fish and a get together with Bill, David, Don, Keoth and John. We started about 1100 below Litton Mill as I have not fished there before and it always looks interesting and fishy whenever I walk along the river there. I tackled up my 8 1/2 footer with a small olive nymph and immediately took a decent rainbow at the head of the pool where numerous fish could be seen on the fin. Needless to say that was the only fish to take it as the others took fright! I notice a few olives about with the occasional rise so switched to a BWO and started to take fish (and losing some!) I worked my way up the pool and finished with 5 rainbows and a good brown.
Lunch was at the hut where Don was the chef performing well on the BBQ. The wine flowed and banter too! It was good to see David after his accident earlier this year, hope your back on the bank with us fully recovered next season. Keith was also there who I hadn't seen in ages and Bill one of my all time fishing friends, we joined L&DAA together then Chatsworth before he was seduced by the charms of the Wye and C&LFC.
After lunch Derek and I wandered upstream but as the valley was in deep shade the temperature must have been 10 degrees cooler than by the hut. No rising fish ao I went back to "Duffers" pool for a last cast before heading home after a thoroughly enjoyable day. Only downside was that I forgot my camera, DOH!

Monday, 30 August 2010

I Need to update my blog!!!!

I have lost my counter! What the f is going on. Anybody know how to retrieve it?

Will update blog this week.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Rusty Spinner Does It Again

Friday 6th August

Decided to go over the road even though it was very cloudy and looked like it was going to hammer it down. Went down to the pool above Baslow new bridge. I had my usual grey olive parachute on and covered some rises on the far run and took a decent grayling followed by a small wild brownie. Fly life was a bit absent only the odd olive fluttering about. A fish sipped down a fly and I covered it and after a couple of passes the fish took and I landed a brown about 14 or 15 ins. and the most perfect brown you could wish to see, massive spots and a shovel of a tail and a buttery belly, superb. The rain started and the rises stopped until the rain ceased and by now it was almost too dark to see but I picked up another small brownie then stumbled and staggered back along the river to home.

Sunday 8th August

Met Derek and John above the works, Derek was working his way up the sycamore pool annoying the fish with a sedge.

I snook in just above the sycamore where there were fish rising. The temperature, for once, was possibly tropical, this had brought out a wide variety of fly from sedge to olives and small caenis. I also had a sedge on and took a rainbow, this was slighty flooky I think as other fish covered did not so much as look at the sedge. The rise forms were mainly just sips and head and tailing with the odd splashy rise which were obviously to sedge. I thought blow this so got out my seine net and waded out to the foam line where the fish were lined up and found a rusty spinner, bingo! On went one of my trusty rusty spinners and first cast took a brown.

I worked my up the pool taking 5 browns and a nice grayling all to the good old rusty. There were fish rising everywhere not splashy rises nut just sips and sucks, it was great to see at lasy this season. We all finished about 2115 as the temperature dropped more or less at 2100 and the usual switch was thrown and the rises more or less ceased.

Monday 9th August

This evening it was quite blustery but the sun was out and the temperature was so-so but after last night thought I would go to the same pool again. I started with a sedge and cast under the trees and gave it a twitch, a fish had a go so I twitched it again and it took, my first cast. Then the fun started, it was all over the place and I couldn't do anything with it. I only had 2.6 bayer so had to play it carefully, after about 10 minutes its head came up and then I knew it was nearly ready. I just about managed to net it as it was the biggest rainbow I had caught in all my years on the river, it turned the scales at 5.5lb perfectly finned, superb.

I had to take a breather now as my arm was really aching. I then carried on as there were loads of sedge on the water but no olives yet. I covered a lot of fish but they didn't look interested so after trapping one of the sedges they turned out to be small grey body with dark spotted wings,  possibly silverhorns? I switched to a size smaller and then took a few browns all in pristine condition. I got to the head of the pool by which time it was dark but I could vaguely pick out the white of the rusty spinner wing and managed to pick up a few more browns and a grayling. Some of the rises were barely detectable only by the white wing dissappearing did I know to strike, others were more definite sips or sucks. I finished at about 2130 and left the fish still avidly taking spinners my score being 8 fish for the evening with my PB rainbow.

If anybody thinks this is just a blog stating the numbers of fish taken then I apologise as I am using this as my diary and need to retain fish numbers for the end of season report to Chatsworth.

Happy days!


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Rain but no rise in the river level

Wednesday started pouring down and I thought it would raise the level of the Derwent so when I got home from work checked the river and it was still well below summer level and clear. So I thought I would have the last hour or so. I went into the park and started at Mary's Bower, there was a mean downstream wind which kept the temperature down consequently only the odd sedge knocking about. I had a sedge on but only got a few half hearted knocks so reverted to a sedge pupa and got an average grayling. By about 2000 the breeze had more or less dropped and olives were starting to flutter about so I switched to my grey olive parachute and immeditaley took a nice brown. I started to work my up to the pool below the cricket pitch where there were numerous fish rising. I covered several and they all took landing some more lovely browns and a rainbow. Now fish were rising consistently so ones which were covered came up for my fly, great! I fished on to the far side of the island where again I took a couple of browns all to the same parachute. I finished up at the tail of the pool by the cricket pitch as I usually disturb a few fish when starting there but this time I held back and picked up some more browns in the tail where the water is only ankle deep! I finished at 2130 with a tally of 1 grayling, 1 rainbow and 9 browns, not bad considering I didnt hold out much hope when I started.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Decided to go last evening!

The sun put in an appearance about 1930 and this gave a rise to the temperature so decided to have the last hour just over the road. I took my Hardy 7' 2 weight to give it a run out. I started off with an elk hair sedge but there was nothing of note rising, only the odd fish here and there. I started below the bench on the far side, one of my favourite runs as even though it is barley shin deep there are always small wild browns and rainbows there and this time they were there also but as I said nothing rising consistently. There were loads of sedge buzzing about and with a few rusty spinners. I covered several rises before a small brown decided to have a bash at my sedge and I landed a lively 9" wild brownie. As soon as the sun dipped below the trees the temperature dropped by 2030 and most of the rises stopped. I worked my way up to the bridge pool only connecting with 1 other fish on a rusty spinner (Crofty style) before covering a fish in the run in and landing another 9" wildy. By 2100 I decided that that was it for the day before passing the time of day with derwentflyfisher on the bridge taking his dog for its usual constitutional, Happy days!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

An Evening on the Peacock Wye

I was fortunate to get an invite from Ainsley to fish the evening with him on the Peacock Wye. We started around 1915 below Haddon looking for rises but nothing much happening. The river was nearly crystal clear and there were quite a few sedges about so on went a sedge. Walked down to the bottom weir and noticed a few rises which we covered and I took a small wild brown, lovely. This is Indian country where the banks are overgrown and you need to keep away from the water edge in order to prevent the fish from seeing you. We made our way back upstream taking both browns and rainbows all wild as they come. By 2200 it was nearly dark and we found a pool where there were numerous fish rising, I had a rusty spinner on by now as there had been a few knocking about. I managed another 4 beautiful small browns and missed loads by strinking too soon (DOH!) from this pool. Finished by 2215 and walked back to the car after a most enjoyable evening, thank you Ainsley.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Sunday 18th July

Decided to have the last coule of hours below the works. The river was still coloured but definitely fishable, there was an upstream warm breeze. I started at the bottom of the willow pool where there were a few fish rising to the hordes of sedges about. I started with an amber cdc sedge and took a small wild brownie. I then covered a few constant risers but nothing so changed flies and I managed to trap a sedge and it had a grey body and darker thorax with dark grey wings. Fortunately I had 1 so put that on and immediatley hooked one of the constant risers but effected a long distance release! I took another small wild brown and started work on another constant riser but the current was awkward and after about 30 minutes I must have got it right as up it came with its head and gill cover out of the water but don't you just know it that in my enthisiasm I struck too soon and just felt it prick it. I call that a moral vicory. The wind changed direction now to downstream and the temperature dropped, the sedges dissapeared along with the fish so called it a day before taking 1 last small brown. 4 for the evening,not bad.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Just Back

Just got back from Corfu last night, I think its nearly been as hot here as in Greece judging by the state of my lawn! 2 weeks of reading several John Geirach books and the Blood Knots by Luke Jennings all good. Even managed to fish for half an hour whilst on a boat trip and caught a sargus all of 4 inches, hee hee. Will pay the Derwent a visit tomorrow evening for the last hour or two. It looks desperately low and in need of a bit of rain.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tuesday - A Warm Balmy Evening Down by Mary's Bower

Met up with Tim, Derek and John last evening at 1930. It was lovely and warm with the sun still shining, plenty of fly about, rusty spinners, B caenis and the odd sedge. Started off at the bend by Mary's Bower with Tim, we both started connecting with fish straight away but as usual it was 50-50 to fish risen and properly hooked to fish lost. Landed a couple of good browns which had risen consistently, then noticed a sipping rise on the far side and I cast to it with Tim watching we were both anticipating a take and it happened, a fish sipped my caenis spinner and was on. A lovely rainbow which looked like a wild one was duly landed. at 2100 we started to make our way back upstream both of us taking fish on the way. On the pool below the cricket pitch I started at the bottom and Tim went to the head. Again I was catching to caenis spinner then the temperature dropped and all the spinners disappeared however the sedge were still about. I changed fly to one of my new sedge patterns with the special film type wings and again was into the fish by just twitching it slightly which resulted in a splashy take. By 2215 I was by the island and started fishing the fast water where there were numerous rises, I landed a nice grayling and then noticed a small sipping rise on the far side which I cast to. An almighty splash took the sedge and after striking the fish headed back to the sea! I couldn't do anything with it and I immediately suspected it was foul hooked. After giving it some stick I noticed it wasn't and that it was a massive rainbow. I eventually landed it, just, as it just fitted into my net and there was a rainbow pushing 4lbs and fin perfect! An absolute specimen of a fish to finish with and I hadn't taken my camera as the battery was flat! I ended up with 2 rainbows, 2 grayling and over 10 browns, evenings don't come any better than that.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Went again last evening and this time down to the cricket pitch as there were lots of fish rising there last night. Started about 2015 but today the temperature was decidedly chillier and there was a downstream breeze which was probably putting the fish down as only the odd fish was rising here and there, nothing positive. I reached the top of the pool by 2115 and had had nothing, I was becoming more frustrated and my casting was suffering, tailing loops galore! I gave myself 15 minutes and if I still had zero on the card then I was going to call it a day. I had started with a sedge, nothing, switched to a mayfly spinner, only a few splashy rises, nothing definite. Even my size 22 yellow parachute could not raise anything until into the pool above where I took a small grayling (4") and a small wild brown (fluke). I decided to go down to the pool below the pitch where I did well last night and there were quite a few fish rising.

On the way 3 deer crossed the river and started munching the cricket pitch, a lovely sight.

Again there was very little in the air so I persevered with the parachute and took a few more fish which were head and tailing and sipping . Its great when you cover a fish which has been rising constantly and it takes your fly.

Ended the evening at 2215 with 2 grayling and 5 browns, its amazing how 2 days can be so different. I know 7 fish for a few hours is a result but perhaps we need these "knock backs" after a good day to bring us back to reality and focus more, my casting definitley deteriorated the more fish I covered without so much as a sniff!

Still better than working.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tuesday Evening

Went last evening, decided to start off at Mary's Bower in the park at about 1930. Lots of caenis about again, had my grey/olive parachute on as a general pattern but covered a lot of rising fish but nothing interested. Changed to my new sedge pattern with the special wings as a few had started to make an appearance and immediately started to connect to covered fish, a couple of wild browns followed by a small grayling. There were only a few mayfly spinners about and soon followed by loads of rusty spinners. Ended up taking 5 fish from there then moved up towards the stump but nothing rising there.  By now there was a real heavy spinner fall and the fish were going mad further up towards the cricket pitch. I immediately switched to my trusty rusty and started connecting with nearly every fish covered, it was B fantastic! I ended up the evening with landing 1 rainbow, 2 grayling and over 12  browns. Finished at 2215 but could have carried on as there was still loads of light in the sky.

Friday, 11 June 2010

2 Visits in a Day!

Finished work at 1230 so I could go fishing however the wind was up and so I decided to leave it a bit and went down to above the 1 arch bridge at 1400. Mayfly were hatching and the fish were on to those that lingered. I had a mayfly nymph on but that soon came off and the 1-up 1-down went on and straight away contacted with a decent brown. I started wading up the pool and there were sedge about as well as olives too. There was a brisk up stream wind but the temperature was not too chilly which kept the mayfly hatching but not as prolific as previously. By 1600 the fish had stopped rising probably due to the wind so I decided to go down to the lunch hit and try and find some shelter there but again the wind had put down the fish as there were very few rises. I called it off at about 1700 after taking 7 browns and went home for tea.
I went out again at 2030 to fish the last hour so went down the pool above the sycamore pool. There were loads of spinners about with some sedge and thousands of caenis. The fish were head and tailing and were obviously on the caenis. Even with my size 22 yellow parachute couldn';t tempt them to take. I managed 4 browns on various flies including rusty spinner, pale olive klink and F-Fly! The wind was gusting all evening and at 2145 ish the wind got stronger and it was like a switch and the fly disappearred along with the fish. I managed to trap 1 of the sedge which had a dark olive body and brown/khaki wings. The olive spinners had a grey/olive colour to the under body with pale wings. Some may have been BWOs but not sure as they were definitely not reddish brown/rusty so ???

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Weekend Fishing

Saturday 5th June
Roger (Derwentflyfisher) invited me and Louis onto Derwent Flyfishers stretch, we fished just above Hathersage. Met Louis at 1030 and went down to the river, after a chat we started fishing about 11, I went downstream of the stepping stones, some fish were rising but nothing constantly. On my second cast I caught this lovely wild brown on a general olive imitation as I could not make out what the fish were rising too.

This was followed by a decent grayling of about 1.5lbs. I worked my way back up to the hut and on the way took another brown. I noticed a small rise on the far bank, a fish rising about 6" from a log. I changed flies a few times before it took a size 22 yellow parachute. It resulted in another grayling this time pushing 1.5-2lbs.

After a superb lunch provided by Mrs S, Roger and I moved upstream to leave Louis chasing the rises by the hut. The odd mayfly put in an appearance but only the odd fish took them. I covered 1 with a mayfly emerger from the  Staziker stable and immediatley hooked up with another wild brownie. I notice Roger, a devout dry fly man, being seduced by the nymphette known as olive. Here is living proof!

After a long walk upstream Roger landed a good rainbow about 2lbs, it would be interesting to know where it had come from, down from Ladybower or up from the hatchery in Hathersage. We ended up about 1700 back at the hut and following a refreshement fished the last 30 mins by the hut. A truly enjoyable day!

Sunday 6th June
Follwoing torrential rain overnight and on through the morning I had decided not to bother today however Mrs P decided she wanted some holiday gear so after lunch with the rain stopped and some sunny spells I didn't need to think twice so headed for the sycamore pool and the run above. The river had risen a couple of inches and was slightly coloured at 1330. Mayfly were hatching with some olives and fish were taking both. I started with a 1-up 1-down mayfly and immediately took a good rainbow. This was followed by a couple of misses. I moved upstream and again took another good rainbow to a mayfly emerger. I tried some of my own pattern mayflies, a couple on a size 12 klinkhammer hook tied emerger style which 1 took a brown and some missed the 2nd one a failure! By now 1500 ish the river was colouring up and the bottom was on;ly visibly from just below knee depth. I was working my way upstream and took another brown on a size 12 prarchute mayfly emerger, another of my own patterns with flavours of several other persons patterns thrown in.
Matthew the keeper came down and we were chatting in general, I told him I had had a few wild browns on Friday between the bridges and he remarked that another member had taken what they thought was a salmon parr. I also said that one of the "browns" I caught on Friday looked suspiciously like a salmon parr too. It had the tell-tale barring down its flanks, spots were few and far between. At first I couldn't decide what it was. Could salmon get this far up the Derwent, who knows?

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Friday Evening

Decided to have the last hour over the road as it had become overcast following a scorching day which put a halt to any daytime fishing. Initially only the odd fish rising to something very small but soon for a 15 minute duration the mayfly spinners descended. Fish started to make splashy rises to them and covering them with a 1-up 1-down mayfly pattern soon accounted for 4 browns and a grayling. Needless to say after this period, the mayfly disappeared and there were still a lot of large olive spinners but very few rises. It started to rain lightly about 2130 so I called it off and by the time I got home it was raining quite heavy.
Going out onto Derwent Fly stretch above Hathersage on Saturday with Roger (Derwentflyfisher) and another guest, looking forward to it as its always a test to fish another beat. Will post Saturday/Sunday.
Saturday morning has dawned a bit overcast and the rain from last night has hardly dampened the ground even though at times it was quite heavy.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Yesterday - A Funny Old Day!

Had a few hours off work in the afternoon so decided to re-visit the pool I fished on Monday. Needless to say you would not think that the 2 days were in same month never mind the same week! There were only a few mayfly hatching with the odd fish splashing at them, not the same by any means as Monday. Worked my way up the pool only casting to rising fish and ended up taking 4 browns. Called it off at around 5 then went home for tea.
Went out again about 8 to the willow pool but then again not much rising, there was the odd chilly downstream breeze which may have put off the fish as there were loads of fly about. I think they were some kind of large olive spinner with the odd sedge thrown in. Only managed to land a brown and a grayling before getting paged at 2100 which put an abrupt end to the evenings proceedings.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mayfly Are Up!

Saw Derek earlier up in the village and inevitably the fishing was the topic of conversation, he had been on Sunday and the mayflies were hatching. That did it for me I was definitely going today, Monday.
Arranged to meet later down by the lunch hut at Beeley but I was early so walked downriver to one of my favourite pools. The mayfly were hatching intermittently at first but soon in earnest! I started with a mayfly emerger but only had 1 brown and obviously had covered fish who were not interested. I changed to a Phil White 1-up 1-down dun and first cast produced another brown. I was covering lots of rises and most fish took a swipe at this fly. A good rainbow pushing 2lbs was next. By the time I had got to the top of the pool I had taken and released 14 browns and a single rainbow. What a fine pool, its not possible to wade the whole length of this pool but the head can be fished comfortably from the bank. I took a few more browns finishing off with the biggest rainbow I have ever "connected" with on the Derwent, it was pushing 5lbs, so big I could not get it in my net. The only down side was I had foul hooked it in the tail no wonder it took me down to the backing, hey ho! There were lots of other flies hatching as well small yellow sallies, yellow may duns, large olives, some pale sedges. I am sure amongst them were iron blue duns as I had spotted something like them on Sunday by the river. A true smorgasboard.

Friday, 28 May 2010

LDO Spinners??????

As I am on call this weekend just went over the road at 1900 and there were loads of black gnats, a few smallish olives and some sedge about. Started with my trusty grey olive parachute as I find this a good general pattern when there is nothing much rising as there was tonight! The temperature had dropped a bit so maybe that had caused it. Covered a small rise and immediately hooked up with a decent rainbow which acted more like a sea trout, it must have jumped clean out of the water 10 times! Spotted some spinners in the lower pool and managed to trap 1, photos here. I think it is a LDO spinner according to some hatch charts I have.  The top of the body is a reddish brown and the underneath a pale olive with clear wings. What do you think?
Any way got paged after an hour so had to curtail my session.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Taken to the Cleaners and a bit of Father/Son Bonding

Friday Evening
Went over the road Friday evening at about 1930 as it had been a good day weather wise. There were several fish rising but again to the pain that is called greenfly! There were a few black gnats around with the odd sedge and olive. No matter what I did I could not get the little blighters to take, it's then that you start to think things like micro drag or fish stubbornly moving to your fly due the mass of naturals available. Needless to say I banked 1 brown and 1 rainbow. Sometimes when you are getting a bit cocky a difficult evening brings you down to earth. Trapped this olive, think it may be an olive upright?

Any clues?


My son Adam decided he would like a day fishing with me, he did not come last season due to other interests! Anyway we decided to get out about 1230 and it was very hot so we headed down to below the works around the deer boom area as its usually a bit sheltered under the trees and fish can be found feeding here. Again there were masses of greenfly about and swarms of black gnats about. I tried a small black para and took a nice brown but it must have been a flook as nothing else would take. I noticed Adam into what looked like a good fisnh too! We moved down the pool and at one point I was literally a rods length from a smutting trout, taking the greenfly. No matter what I gave it it was totally switched on to them as I could spot them coming down the run and the fish just tilting to sip in the fly. I attempted a couple of photos but couldn't just quite get it right.By 1500 the fish had stopped rising and the heat had increased so we headed home till the evening. Adam did ok with 4 fish to my 3.
We went out again at 1930 down to the lunch hut at the bottom end. Again fish were rising to black gnat and greenfly but this time there were some yellow flies which looked sedgey but on further inspection I identified them as yellow sallies. Again I had to go down to a 26 and managed a couple of browns, this time they stayed on better as I had offset the hook point. Adam also took a couple of fish and the keeper remarked that he had seen him take a good size rainbow. I moved down to the pool below the hut and in the fast water noticed that a hatch of olives were on the go, I did not manage to trap 1 but they were very pale and probably BWO size so I assume they could be pale wateries as it is a bit early for BWOs I think. We fished on until 2145 and Adam finished with 4 fish and 4 fish to myself. A really enjoyable day with my son we should do it more often provided he isn't on the golf course!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Yesterday Late Afternoon

Went over the road for a couple of hours after work. There were quite a few fish rising, sipping something tiny from the surface. Loads of greenfly about again so went down to a 26 again and got a few takes but only managed to land a couple of rainbows. Lots of black gnats about too but about a size 20. The odd olive but nothing to write home about. Temperature warm and sunny, its finally arrived! Going to go Friday too.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


For your information, its been a warm sunny day here in Derbyshire, Mrs P has had her pot and boot taken off so hopefully all things are improving. Nipped over the road to checkout the river and fish to see if anything rising but only the odd 1 here and there. The Derwent is very low however I think I will give it a go tomorrow evening just to see what's what. Watch this space!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Chilly Few Hours and a Rogue?

Mrs BF said "are you going to go fishing today", well I don't need to be told twice so found myself above the works again at 1400. There were mainly sunny spells but a lazy downstream wind (lazy means it doensn't go around you but through you) , when the wind dropped it was very pleasant though. With 4 cars in the car park I thought my favourite piece of water would have a resident but thankfully no. Got in just above the sycamore and immediately landed a nice brown on a size 20 yellow parachute. There were loads of tiny midge like flies about but only the odd olive and no sedge. Within a couple more casts hit one of the large rainbows but it came off at the net. There were lots of rising fish just sipping in the tiny flies from the surface, the next fish covered came up vertical and slooped down my fly, another lovely marked brown. That was 3 fish struck in a space of water 10 feet wide. I worked my up step by step taking another brown, I thought I had cracked it! How wrong can you be, not another fish took my creation so I changed to a size 19 (103BL) griffiths gnat which immediately took another brown which again came off at the net. Chris Prior came up for a chat and as we were talking a very early mayfly flew past! Chris had also seen one earlier. I was on the phone to Derek yesterday and he had tried the mayfly nymph on Friday but the fish aren't on them yet. Its odd that mayflies start hatching so early considering the bad spring we have had. In previous years I have even seen them hatching in September too here on the Derwent, anyway I digress. Carried on moving up towards the pool head and picked up the odd brown here and there. Finished off with a size 26 yellow klink and nailed an out of season grayling so finished the day with 7 browns and a grayling at 1630 as it was getting decidedly chillier and even though I was still in my neoprenes the water is still cold.
BTW picked up a new pair of waders yesterday from the Orvis shop in Bakewell, I have high hopes for these hoping they will be better than the Sieves I have been using. Hey ho happy days!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

A Couple of Hours Above the Sycamore Pool

Finished my chores and so was able to get out for a couple of hours this afternoon. Weather overcast and chilly at first but the sun came out and the temperature rose.Went above the sycamore pool and there were quite a few fish rising so started with a LDO and got a decent rainbow within a couple of casts quickly followed by a good brown. There were lots of tiny flies about and the fish were just sipping the flies down. Must have been 2 flooks getting those as covered a load more fish but nothing taken. Switched to a size 20 caenis and picked up another brown, then again nothing. Decided to give a JT olive a run out and covered 2 fish and they both had it! Now I know this has probably surprised 1 or 2 of you as I rarely use cdc but this fly ceratinly had 'em! Used the frogs fanny on the fly after giving it a good wash between fish and that seemed to make the fly good as new. Note to self must try more cdc flies this season. Picked up another cracking rainbow 21" so decided to keep it. Fish were rising everywhere now but the few caddis which were knocking about were being totally ignored by the fish. I suspect they were taking some tiny emerger going by the slow sipping rise forms and nothing noticeable on the surface (I may be wrong here). Switched to a tiny size 26 greenfly as noticed quited a few on the surface and hit  a few but only landed 1 brown. Again a change of fly to a size 26 caenis type klink and hit quite a few fish but only landed another 2. Finished at 1700 with fish still rising and a tally of 8 fish for a couple of hours work! Hopefully the evening rise is just around the corner now as if I could have stayed I am sure the rise would have gone on for some time.

UPDATE - Just had Roger on the phone, he was taking his dog for a walk and crossed Baslow old bridge and noticed fish rising still at 2030 so maybe the evening rise has started, fingers crossed.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Pocket Guide to Matching the Hatch - Peter Lapsley and Cyril Bennett

Just received this little book and its very good. It details all the common flies on our rivers with examples of patterns, size, hatch charts and even rise forms. There is a good idea were the actual sizes of the various flies is shown together with an outline of the fly. The only criticism is that the patterns do not have any recipes so you have to hunt for tying details, otherwise definitely recommendable.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Orvis Customer Service

I have just received a new top piece for my rod which I broke last week, I only took it into the shop in Bakewell on Saturday. Now thats what I call service. Thanks Orvis.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Not a Good Start and a Wet Foot

Managed to complete my nursing duties and slip away for a couple of hours so decided to fish the fast water by the works. On getting my rod out of the bag I broke the tip off, brilliant! Someone is telling me I shouldn't be here. Fortunately home is only 2 minutes away so decided to tackle up at home and walk down to below Baslow new bridge and work my way back up. There was a massive hatch of LDOs and grannom. Trapped a couple to make sure. Started with a LDO (OE's pattern) and got a couple of good browns and a decent out of season grayling. Worked my way to the upstream side of the new road bridge but what was interesting is that the grannom were not hatching or fluttering about as much as below the bridge. Maybe they haven't worked there way that far yet as last year I spoke to Stuart Crofts about the grannom and he was surprised that they had reached the Chatsworth stretch. Winkled out a couple of rainbows and grayling from above the bridge before the temperature dropped slightly and the hatch petered out. The odd fish was rising still and I managed another rainbow and grayling so ended up with 9 fish for the 2 hours which I call a decent afternoons fishing. Oh and the wet foot? It's the first time I have used my breathables this season and the damn things are leaking. Does anybody have any opinion on the length of time breathables should last, I have had these Simms for 6 seasons, is that to be expected?

Thursday, 22 April 2010

A Pleasant Afternoon on C&L F C at Monsal Dale

Its only my second outing of the trout season due to Lynn falling and breaking an ankle and me having to nurse her. Derek offered a shared rod on the Wye yesterday where we met Don and Bill at the luncheon hut. It was a beautiful afternoon with a sharp downstream breeze. We all walked up the dale taking alternate casts to rising fish as there was a hatch of olives taking place. My first cast was a "bow and arrow" cast with one of Derek's fabled nymphs and the trout targetted took first time, a lovely brown about 12-14 inches. Bill took a couple on the dry so Derek changed over to a dry olive and he also took a couple. We made our way up the Dale but the rising fish where only in certain pools where the sun shone on the water, out of the sun it was still decidedly chilly. I took a small wild rainbow further up the river to nymph again. Derek also took his fair share of fish. I left Derek working his way upriver at about 1600 to get back to the invalid. All-in-all a very pleasant afternoon with lots of banter with good freinds.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Monday 5th April 1st Outing of the Trout Season

Well it did not rain on Sunday and the river was running about 6-8 inches above normal and reasonably clear by Monday so decided to go down to the willow pool. Got to the car park to find 5 cars already there,doh! A guy was just coming away and informed me the willow pool had someone already there. The wind was quite strong so decided to go down to the gulley area, this is always quite sheltered be it during strong wind or bright sunshine. Started off with a dark olive squirrel nymph and immediatley picked up a small wild brown, a great start to the season. Noticed a couple of large dark olives sailing down but nothing interested in them but it still convinced me to change to a large dark olive (O.E's). On the second cast the twin of the 1st trout took and that was 2 fish in a matter of minutes. Moving slowly up the pool I took another 2 browns which were between 12-14 inches, woo hoo. Finished going up the pool with a rainbow about 18 inches. Worked my way back to the 'get out' point where I took another brown and was busy minding my own business taking in everythimng when a voice scared the s*** out me, it was Matthew the river keeper, you will have to get a warning bell! Passed the time of day then went up to the willow pool where the previous occupant had departed. Although the river was not up that much it was hammering through and this pool is quite deceiving in its speed of current, I think the bed of the pool here has changed a bit during the winter, its possible to wade further up now to opposite the cattle drink. There were no further olives seen in this pool so changed to an olive FSN again and landed a rainbow about 2lb. To finish off I then hooked something much larger, Matthew had made his way back and was watching me from the bench and commented 'that's a decent one!' I managed to land one of the largest rainbows I have caught on the Derwent, I had a couple of attempts to get it in my net but eventually managed, it must have been knocking 4lbs. Matthew informed me that he had put in quite a few 'big boys' which are from the feeding pond in the farmyard at the house. It was fin perfect and in superb condition. Switched on my camera but unfortunatley it was one of those were balancing a fish with 1 hand and trying to compose it with the other it gave a quick flick and was gone. So I ended the day with 5 browns and 3 rainbows, a good start to the season.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Derwent Prospects

Its the eve of the start of the new trout season for the Chatsworth Fishery and it's not looking too good. The Derwent is well up and very coloured with rain forecast for tomorrow and most of the weekend. I was hoping to get out on Sunday or Monday but it looks doubtful, will keep my fingers crossed!
Some guys on my bloglist have already been out, especially on the Dove, which I hold dear as it was the river I started my river brown trout fishing in earnest when I moved over from Southport. The blogs are well worth looking at if you have not already done so.
So it looks like another few hours at my tying desk knocking up some more duns and filling up my mayfly box too, mustn't forget them!  Will post once been out.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

For my Valentines Day treat I went down to the Derwent to Mary's Bower and worked my way up. On the way down noticed a lot of bank damage due to the recent floods. This poplar tree will soon be in the river!

Tried one of those 'Thingymobobs' as an indicator, not bad but just feels like using a bubble float. Especially when its gets attacked by trout.

Worked my up past what is left of the stump pool but nothing until reached the top of the next pool where I managed to land 2 decent grayling.

Got out at the top and walked up to have a natter to Derek who was fishing up from the cricket pitch. He had had a few as well. This gave me time to thaw out my feet. Its always my feet that get cold first, my body and legs were fine, whats the answer? By now it was past 3 so decided to fish the cricket pitch up for the last 20 minutes before calling it a day. Landed another grayling making 3 for the day, not bad considering it was hard going, all to a dark olive fox squirrel nymph.

Only 2 more weekends left before the season closes for a month.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Just a Few Hours at Last!

Considering the height of the river on Friday it has certainly dropped quick. Looks like there may have been water being let out of Ladybower. It is back to a reasonable level now so went out above the 1 arch bridge for a couple of hours. Went through various bugs and spiders. Dropped my first 2 grayling and it wasn't until my last 20 minutes that 1 managed to actually land 2. Nothing rising and only a few very small flies about. It was good to get out even if it was B. freezing!
The nights are drawing out a bit now, spring is just around the corner, can't wait for the trout season to start.
Going by Mr Pointons blog, it looks like I need a lesson from Mr T. maybe.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Time at the Vice

Didn't bother going fishing over the weekend as both the Derwent and the Wye were well up and coloured.

Spent some time tying up some favourites and a few new ones.

Snipe and purple bead - a new one to try

Partridge and orange bead -a new one to try

Large Dark Olive
size 12 TMC 900BL
Thread olive moser powersilk
Body - brown olive dubbing
Rib - thread
Tail - coq de leon
Wing - Niche Silicon poly yarn dun
Hackle - olive or dun cock

Olive Upright
Size 14
Thread - yellow moser powersilk
Body - grey olive superfine
Rib - thread
Tail - dun cock
Wing - Niche silicon poly yarn dun
Hackle - olive cock

General Olive
Hook TMC 16 206 BL
Thread - Yellow moser powersilk
Body - grey olive superfine
Rib - thread
Wing - Niche silicon poly yarn dun
Hackle - dun cock

These 3 olives all catch for me on the Derwent, hope you try them.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A Few Sedges and Things

Went to the Grayling Society meeting last night at the Devonshire in Baslow where Don Stazicker gave us a chat and slideshow entitled "its not what you fish, its the way that you fish it". As usual with Don, who is exceptionally knowledgeable about all things fly fishing, it was a really enjoyable show. If you get chance to see any of Don's shows or even speak to him take the opportunity, you won't be disappointed.

I have persevered with those B sedge wings and managed to get it to the point of just applying enough heat to burn the wings so they are passable. Anyway I have tied up about a dozen different types including a grannom, brown and black sedges. Here are my efforts, feel free to criticise. Whether they will catch is another matter.

They don't look too bad I suppose. Ok onto the next lot. Think I'll tie some LDOs from the WTT journal from 2008 which had some Oliver Edewards patterns. 1st attempt.

Will post some more "efforts" when I have something presentable!
The Derwent is still up and coloured with all the snow melt which I think will be around for a few more days judging by the depth of the drifts on the tops. Hopefully by the weekend it will be ok. Will put out a report on Friday.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

J Son Website

In case anyone wants the website for the Swedish chap who ties these flies here it is:-

Getting Better (I think!)

Tied up a few more sedges using the plastic membrane and burner. A grannon and another brown sedge. I don't think they are too bad, are they? Still having problems applying the right amount of heat to get the wing spot on. Will persevere, maybe the grannon needs the hackle triming underneath?

Apologies for the poor quality of the images but haven't got a macro lens and having to use photoshop to blow them up.

I am going to get this right this evening if its the last fly I tie.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Snowy Derwent

This is a similar shot to that in my header but about 6 months apart!

Friday, 1 January 2010

A Few Caddis

I have finally started to use the special winging material I purchased from the Fly Fair. The wings need to be burned so its proving a bit difficult getting the right amount of heat to weld the edges of the wing.

The above photo is a detached body sedge which the guy on the J.Son & Co stand tied on a size 12.

This second shot is my first attempt using the first decent wing I managed to burn. Its very basic but the general impression looks ok. Will have to carry on experimenting with the burner. Hopefully they will get better over the coming days. Will post a shot of the first one which makes it into my fly box!

Happy New Year to all.