Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Chilly Few Hours and a Rogue?

Mrs BF said "are you going to go fishing today", well I don't need to be told twice so found myself above the works again at 1400. There were mainly sunny spells but a lazy downstream wind (lazy means it doensn't go around you but through you) , when the wind dropped it was very pleasant though. With 4 cars in the car park I thought my favourite piece of water would have a resident but thankfully no. Got in just above the sycamore and immediately landed a nice brown on a size 20 yellow parachute. There were loads of tiny midge like flies about but only the odd olive and no sedge. Within a couple more casts hit one of the large rainbows but it came off at the net. There were lots of rising fish just sipping in the tiny flies from the surface, the next fish covered came up vertical and slooped down my fly, another lovely marked brown. That was 3 fish struck in a space of water 10 feet wide. I worked my up step by step taking another brown, I thought I had cracked it! How wrong can you be, not another fish took my creation so I changed to a size 19 (103BL) griffiths gnat which immediately took another brown which again came off at the net. Chris Prior came up for a chat and as we were talking a very early mayfly flew past! Chris had also seen one earlier. I was on the phone to Derek yesterday and he had tried the mayfly nymph on Friday but the fish aren't on them yet. Its odd that mayflies start hatching so early considering the bad spring we have had. In previous years I have even seen them hatching in September too here on the Derwent, anyway I digress. Carried on moving up towards the pool head and picked up the odd brown here and there. Finished off with a size 26 yellow klink and nailed an out of season grayling so finished the day with 7 browns and a grayling at 1630 as it was getting decidedly chillier and even though I was still in my neoprenes the water is still cold.
BTW picked up a new pair of waders yesterday from the Orvis shop in Bakewell, I have high hopes for these hoping they will be better than the Sieves I have been using. Hey ho happy days!

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glen pointon said...

Nice fishing Colin, seems like a sweet days dry fly, the dove has not switched on proper yet so hoping for some action soon, when you see Chris again ask him about the Vasaline in the lost valley!!
Will be free for a session with you in a few weeks mate...text me your number mine is 07973951352
Nice one