Friday, 28 May 2010

LDO Spinners??????

As I am on call this weekend just went over the road at 1900 and there were loads of black gnats, a few smallish olives and some sedge about. Started with my trusty grey olive parachute as I find this a good general pattern when there is nothing much rising as there was tonight! The temperature had dropped a bit so maybe that had caused it. Covered a small rise and immediately hooked up with a decent rainbow which acted more like a sea trout, it must have jumped clean out of the water 10 times! Spotted some spinners in the lower pool and managed to trap 1, photos here. I think it is a LDO spinner according to some hatch charts I have.  The top of the body is a reddish brown and the underneath a pale olive with clear wings. What do you think?
Any way got paged after an hour so had to curtail my session.

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