Monday, 2 April 2018

A Wet and Cold Start!

April 1st was very wet and the Derwent was well up although I suspect that there may have been one or two people out fishing especially if they had travelled a distance as the river was only carrying a small amount of colour. April 2nd dawned  with snow and the Derwent was even higher and very coloured so nothing down for today.

As for my season, well, it will be a while before I get out following my triple heart bypass just over 2 weeks ago! I am hoping that by the end of May I will be fit enough to wet a line in the meantime all my piscatorial DVDs have been viewed again and numerous books re-read. I am looking forward to those balmy evenings when I can get my new bamboo rod out.

I have cleared out all my fly boxes of the flies where hackles are a bit awry or I just don't like the look of them also those flies which you tie and never use. So at least I will have plenty of time to replenish my stocks.

Here is hoping everyone has a productive and enjoyable season.