Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday 9th February

Well I finally managed to get onto the river for hour, we were due to have visitors but due to the impending snow which was forecast they cancelled. As the snow hadn't materialised this afternoon and it wasn't that chilly, the river was fishable albeit a bit high I decided to go over the road.Even with only a couple of inches above normal it was deceiving the added pressure the river put on you. I couldn't make it across to my favouritr grayling run via my normal route so started in the run on the near side where I picked up 5 grayling, 1 coming adrift as I touched it but I still call that counting towards the total. All came to a combination of fox squirrel nymph and black spider with a tiny pink bead to get it down. The run on the far side was still calling as I usually pick-up something. I crossed lower down but still the push of the current was deceptive. I worked my way up but unfortunately no further grayling came to hand, only a couple of out of season browns which looked very healthy. So looking good for the coming season.
A good hour which was just manageable before the cold got to my feet. My hands were fine thanks to an old sailors trick, rubbing vaseline into them before starting to fish. This really does work and recommended!
Only a couple of weeks left now before the season closes here on the Chatsworth syndicate for the month of March before opening again on the 1st April. The season is now only round the corner which has become more apparent now as I have just received the bill for renewal for next season. Happy times ahead!