Saturday, 12 March 2016

Friday 26th February - Last Visit of the Season

Keith getting things going!
Today I arranged to meet Keith down by the 1 arch bridge. It wasn't raining but the wind was lazy i.e. went right through you instead of around! We started below the weir and picked up a few oos trout. The grayling were definitely conspicuous by their absence. I was fishing my 10' #4 with a pink shrimp below a klinkhammer but nothing much was interested. Keith was using a czech/french setup with a Sunray micro nymph line. He was finding locating the grayling difficult too. It wasn't until we went over to the far side that we got a grayling a piece. They were not giving themselves up today.

Me into a fish!
Keith let me have a go with his setup and it's the first time I have used a rod so light for a 10 footer #3, it was brilliant. The way the beaded indicator picks up the slightest twitch was very impressive. This was the first time I have used this type of nymphing  setup and it was very effective so may give it a go early season. I must get one of those indicators and a decent long leader. The line Keith was using was also very impressive, I have seen the Sunray lines advertised but not actually handled one, hmm maybe another purchase coming up! We decided to make our way downstream and picked up a few more grayling, I even saw a single lovely LDO drifting past but alas nothing took that particular one however I did see the odd rise which considering how cold the day was was a surprise. We finished the day around 2-30 and then had a week earned Castlegate pork pie followed by plenty of coffee from Keith's stove which also provided a well earned warm-up!
This would be the last visit of the season as the river is closed during March so roll on April 1st!
Keith into a decent grayling

One of Keith's grayling.