Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mayfly Are Up!

Saw Derek earlier up in the village and inevitably the fishing was the topic of conversation, he had been on Sunday and the mayflies were hatching. That did it for me I was definitely going today, Monday.
Arranged to meet later down by the lunch hut at Beeley but I was early so walked downriver to one of my favourite pools. The mayfly were hatching intermittently at first but soon in earnest! I started with a mayfly emerger but only had 1 brown and obviously had covered fish who were not interested. I changed to a Phil White 1-up 1-down dun and first cast produced another brown. I was covering lots of rises and most fish took a swipe at this fly. A good rainbow pushing 2lbs was next. By the time I had got to the top of the pool I had taken and released 14 browns and a single rainbow. What a fine pool, its not possible to wade the whole length of this pool but the head can be fished comfortably from the bank. I took a few more browns finishing off with the biggest rainbow I have ever "connected" with on the Derwent, it was pushing 5lbs, so big I could not get it in my net. The only down side was I had foul hooked it in the tail no wonder it took me down to the backing, hey ho! There were lots of other flies hatching as well small yellow sallies, yellow may duns, large olives, some pale sedges. I am sure amongst them were iron blue duns as I had spotted something like them on Sunday by the river. A true smorgasboard.

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