Friday, 4 June 2010

Yesterday - A Funny Old Day!

Had a few hours off work in the afternoon so decided to re-visit the pool I fished on Monday. Needless to say you would not think that the 2 days were in same month never mind the same week! There were only a few mayfly hatching with the odd fish splashing at them, not the same by any means as Monday. Worked my way up the pool only casting to rising fish and ended up taking 4 browns. Called it off at around 5 then went home for tea.
Went out again about 8 to the willow pool but then again not much rising, there was the odd chilly downstream breeze which may have put off the fish as there were loads of fly about. I think they were some kind of large olive spinner with the odd sedge thrown in. Only managed to land a brown and a grayling before getting paged at 2100 which put an abrupt end to the evenings proceedings.

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