Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tuesday - A Warm Balmy Evening Down by Mary's Bower

Met up with Tim, Derek and John last evening at 1930. It was lovely and warm with the sun still shining, plenty of fly about, rusty spinners, B caenis and the odd sedge. Started off at the bend by Mary's Bower with Tim, we both started connecting with fish straight away but as usual it was 50-50 to fish risen and properly hooked to fish lost. Landed a couple of good browns which had risen consistently, then noticed a sipping rise on the far side and I cast to it with Tim watching we were both anticipating a take and it happened, a fish sipped my caenis spinner and was on. A lovely rainbow which looked like a wild one was duly landed. at 2100 we started to make our way back upstream both of us taking fish on the way. On the pool below the cricket pitch I started at the bottom and Tim went to the head. Again I was catching to caenis spinner then the temperature dropped and all the spinners disappeared however the sedge were still about. I changed fly to one of my new sedge patterns with the special film type wings and again was into the fish by just twitching it slightly which resulted in a splashy take. By 2215 I was by the island and started fishing the fast water where there were numerous rises, I landed a nice grayling and then noticed a small sipping rise on the far side which I cast to. An almighty splash took the sedge and after striking the fish headed back to the sea! I couldn't do anything with it and I immediately suspected it was foul hooked. After giving it some stick I noticed it wasn't and that it was a massive rainbow. I eventually landed it, just, as it just fitted into my net and there was a rainbow pushing 4lbs and fin perfect! An absolute specimen of a fish to finish with and I hadn't taken my camera as the battery was flat! I ended up with 2 rainbows, 2 grayling and over 10 browns, evenings don't come any better than that.

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