Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tuesday Evening

Went last evening, decided to start off at Mary's Bower in the park at about 1930. Lots of caenis about again, had my grey/olive parachute on as a general pattern but covered a lot of rising fish but nothing interested. Changed to my new sedge pattern with the special wings as a few had started to make an appearance and immediately started to connect to covered fish, a couple of wild browns followed by a small grayling. There were only a few mayfly spinners about and soon followed by loads of rusty spinners. Ended up taking 5 fish from there then moved up towards the stump but nothing rising there.  By now there was a real heavy spinner fall and the fish were going mad further up towards the cricket pitch. I immediately switched to my trusty rusty and started connecting with nearly every fish covered, it was B fantastic! I ended up the evening with landing 1 rainbow, 2 grayling and over 12  browns. Finished at 2215 but could have carried on as there was still loads of light in the sky.

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