Saturday, 5 June 2010

Friday Evening

Decided to have the last hour over the road as it had become overcast following a scorching day which put a halt to any daytime fishing. Initially only the odd fish rising to something very small but soon for a 15 minute duration the mayfly spinners descended. Fish started to make splashy rises to them and covering them with a 1-up 1-down mayfly pattern soon accounted for 4 browns and a grayling. Needless to say after this period, the mayfly disappeared and there were still a lot of large olive spinners but very few rises. It started to rain lightly about 2130 so I called it off and by the time I got home it was raining quite heavy.
Going out onto Derwent Fly stretch above Hathersage on Saturday with Roger (Derwentflyfisher) and another guest, looking forward to it as its always a test to fish another beat. Will post Saturday/Sunday.
Saturday morning has dawned a bit overcast and the rain from last night has hardly dampened the ground even though at times it was quite heavy.

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