Friday, 11 June 2010

2 Visits in a Day!

Finished work at 1230 so I could go fishing however the wind was up and so I decided to leave it a bit and went down to above the 1 arch bridge at 1400. Mayfly were hatching and the fish were on to those that lingered. I had a mayfly nymph on but that soon came off and the 1-up 1-down went on and straight away contacted with a decent brown. I started wading up the pool and there were sedge about as well as olives too. There was a brisk up stream wind but the temperature was not too chilly which kept the mayfly hatching but not as prolific as previously. By 1600 the fish had stopped rising probably due to the wind so I decided to go down to the lunch hit and try and find some shelter there but again the wind had put down the fish as there were very few rises. I called it off at about 1700 after taking 7 browns and went home for tea.
I went out again at 2030 to fish the last hour so went down the pool above the sycamore pool. There were loads of spinners about with some sedge and thousands of caenis. The fish were head and tailing and were obviously on the caenis. Even with my size 22 yellow parachute couldn';t tempt them to take. I managed 4 browns on various flies including rusty spinner, pale olive klink and F-Fly! The wind was gusting all evening and at 2145 ish the wind got stronger and it was like a switch and the fly disappearred along with the fish. I managed to trap 1 of the sedge which had a dark olive body and brown/khaki wings. The olive spinners had a grey/olive colour to the under body with pale wings. Some may have been BWOs but not sure as they were definitely not reddish brown/rusty so ???

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