Sunday, 31 January 2010

Just a Few Hours at Last!

Considering the height of the river on Friday it has certainly dropped quick. Looks like there may have been water being let out of Ladybower. It is back to a reasonable level now so went out above the 1 arch bridge for a couple of hours. Went through various bugs and spiders. Dropped my first 2 grayling and it wasn't until my last 20 minutes that 1 managed to actually land 2. Nothing rising and only a few very small flies about. It was good to get out even if it was B. freezing!
The nights are drawing out a bit now, spring is just around the corner, can't wait for the trout season to start.
Going by Mr Pointons blog, it looks like I need a lesson from Mr T. maybe.


JT said...

Hi Colin,
Aforementioned Mr T here. Nice blog mate... Drop me a PM via the forum if you were serious...

Baslowfisher said...

JT have PM'd you on the forum