Sunday, 14 February 2010

For my Valentines Day treat I went down to the Derwent to Mary's Bower and worked my way up. On the way down noticed a lot of bank damage due to the recent floods. This poplar tree will soon be in the river!

Tried one of those 'Thingymobobs' as an indicator, not bad but just feels like using a bubble float. Especially when its gets attacked by trout.

Worked my up past what is left of the stump pool but nothing until reached the top of the next pool where I managed to land 2 decent grayling.

Got out at the top and walked up to have a natter to Derek who was fishing up from the cricket pitch. He had had a few as well. This gave me time to thaw out my feet. Its always my feet that get cold first, my body and legs were fine, whats the answer? By now it was past 3 so decided to fish the cricket pitch up for the last 20 minutes before calling it a day. Landed another grayling making 3 for the day, not bad considering it was hard going, all to a dark olive fox squirrel nymph.

Only 2 more weekends left before the season closes for a month.

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