Thursday, 5 August 2010

Rain but no rise in the river level

Wednesday started pouring down and I thought it would raise the level of the Derwent so when I got home from work checked the river and it was still well below summer level and clear. So I thought I would have the last hour or so. I went into the park and started at Mary's Bower, there was a mean downstream wind which kept the temperature down consequently only the odd sedge knocking about. I had a sedge on but only got a few half hearted knocks so reverted to a sedge pupa and got an average grayling. By about 2000 the breeze had more or less dropped and olives were starting to flutter about so I switched to my grey olive parachute and immeditaley took a nice brown. I started to work my up to the pool below the cricket pitch where there were numerous fish rising. I covered several and they all took landing some more lovely browns and a rainbow. Now fish were rising consistently so ones which were covered came up for my fly, great! I fished on to the far side of the island where again I took a couple of browns all to the same parachute. I finished up at the tail of the pool by the cricket pitch as I usually disturb a few fish when starting there but this time I held back and picked up some more browns in the tail where the water is only ankle deep! I finished at 2130 with a tally of 1 grayling, 1 rainbow and 9 browns, not bad considering I didnt hold out much hope when I started.

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