Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Decided to go last evening!

The sun put in an appearance about 1930 and this gave a rise to the temperature so decided to have the last hour just over the road. I took my Hardy 7' 2 weight to give it a run out. I started off with an elk hair sedge but there was nothing of note rising, only the odd fish here and there. I started below the bench on the far side, one of my favourite runs as even though it is barley shin deep there are always small wild browns and rainbows there and this time they were there also but as I said nothing rising consistently. There were loads of sedge buzzing about and with a few rusty spinners. I covered several rises before a small brown decided to have a bash at my sedge and I landed a lively 9" wild brownie. As soon as the sun dipped below the trees the temperature dropped by 2030 and most of the rises stopped. I worked my way up to the bridge pool only connecting with 1 other fish on a rusty spinner (Crofty style) before covering a fish in the run in and landing another 9" wildy. By 2100 I decided that that was it for the day before passing the time of day with derwentflyfisher on the bridge taking his dog for its usual constitutional, Happy days!

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