Monday, 19 July 2010

Sunday 18th July

Decided to have the last coule of hours below the works. The river was still coloured but definitely fishable, there was an upstream warm breeze. I started at the bottom of the willow pool where there were a few fish rising to the hordes of sedges about. I started with an amber cdc sedge and took a small wild brownie. I then covered a few constant risers but nothing so changed flies and I managed to trap a sedge and it had a grey body and darker thorax with dark grey wings. Fortunately I had 1 so put that on and immediatley hooked one of the constant risers but effected a long distance release! I took another small wild brown and started work on another constant riser but the current was awkward and after about 30 minutes I must have got it right as up it came with its head and gill cover out of the water but don't you just know it that in my enthisiasm I struck too soon and just felt it prick it. I call that a moral vicory. The wind changed direction now to downstream and the temperature dropped, the sedges dissapeared along with the fish so called it a day before taking 1 last small brown. 4 for the evening,not bad.

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