Thursday, 22 July 2010

An Evening on the Peacock Wye

I was fortunate to get an invite from Ainsley to fish the evening with him on the Peacock Wye. We started around 1915 below Haddon looking for rises but nothing much happening. The river was nearly crystal clear and there were quite a few sedges about so on went a sedge. Walked down to the bottom weir and noticed a few rises which we covered and I took a small wild brown, lovely. This is Indian country where the banks are overgrown and you need to keep away from the water edge in order to prevent the fish from seeing you. We made our way back upstream taking both browns and rainbows all wild as they come. By 2200 it was nearly dark and we found a pool where there were numerous fish rising, I had a rusty spinner on by now as there had been a few knocking about. I managed another 4 beautiful small browns and missed loads by strinking too soon (DOH!) from this pool. Finished by 2215 and walked back to the car after a most enjoyable evening, thank you Ainsley.

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