Thursday, 22 April 2010

A Pleasant Afternoon on C&L F C at Monsal Dale

Its only my second outing of the trout season due to Lynn falling and breaking an ankle and me having to nurse her. Derek offered a shared rod on the Wye yesterday where we met Don and Bill at the luncheon hut. It was a beautiful afternoon with a sharp downstream breeze. We all walked up the dale taking alternate casts to rising fish as there was a hatch of olives taking place. My first cast was a "bow and arrow" cast with one of Derek's fabled nymphs and the trout targetted took first time, a lovely brown about 12-14 inches. Bill took a couple on the dry so Derek changed over to a dry olive and he also took a couple. We made our way up the Dale but the rising fish where only in certain pools where the sun shone on the water, out of the sun it was still decidedly chilly. I took a small wild rainbow further up the river to nymph again. Derek also took his fair share of fish. I left Derek working his way upriver at about 1600 to get back to the invalid. All-in-all a very pleasant afternoon with lots of banter with good freinds.

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