Saturday, 24 April 2010

Not a Good Start and a Wet Foot

Managed to complete my nursing duties and slip away for a couple of hours so decided to fish the fast water by the works. On getting my rod out of the bag I broke the tip off, brilliant! Someone is telling me I shouldn't be here. Fortunately home is only 2 minutes away so decided to tackle up at home and walk down to below Baslow new bridge and work my way back up. There was a massive hatch of LDOs and grannom. Trapped a couple to make sure. Started with a LDO (OE's pattern) and got a couple of good browns and a decent out of season grayling. Worked my way to the upstream side of the new road bridge but what was interesting is that the grannom were not hatching or fluttering about as much as below the bridge. Maybe they haven't worked there way that far yet as last year I spoke to Stuart Crofts about the grannom and he was surprised that they had reached the Chatsworth stretch. Winkled out a couple of rainbows and grayling from above the bridge before the temperature dropped slightly and the hatch petered out. The odd fish was rising still and I managed another rainbow and grayling so ended up with 9 fish for the 2 hours which I call a decent afternoons fishing. Oh and the wet foot? It's the first time I have used my breathables this season and the damn things are leaking. Does anybody have any opinion on the length of time breathables should last, I have had these Simms for 6 seasons, is that to be expected?

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