Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Monday 5th April 1st Outing of the Trout Season

Well it did not rain on Sunday and the river was running about 6-8 inches above normal and reasonably clear by Monday so decided to go down to the willow pool. Got to the car park to find 5 cars already there,doh! A guy was just coming away and informed me the willow pool had someone already there. The wind was quite strong so decided to go down to the gulley area, this is always quite sheltered be it during strong wind or bright sunshine. Started off with a dark olive squirrel nymph and immediatley picked up a small wild brown, a great start to the season. Noticed a couple of large dark olives sailing down but nothing interested in them but it still convinced me to change to a large dark olive (O.E's). On the second cast the twin of the 1st trout took and that was 2 fish in a matter of minutes. Moving slowly up the pool I took another 2 browns which were between 12-14 inches, woo hoo. Finished going up the pool with a rainbow about 18 inches. Worked my way back to the 'get out' point where I took another brown and was busy minding my own business taking in everythimng when a voice scared the s*** out me, it was Matthew the river keeper, you will have to get a warning bell! Passed the time of day then went up to the willow pool where the previous occupant had departed. Although the river was not up that much it was hammering through and this pool is quite deceiving in its speed of current, I think the bed of the pool here has changed a bit during the winter, its possible to wade further up now to opposite the cattle drink. There were no further olives seen in this pool so changed to an olive FSN again and landed a rainbow about 2lb. To finish off I then hooked something much larger, Matthew had made his way back and was watching me from the bench and commented 'that's a decent one!' I managed to land one of the largest rainbows I have caught on the Derwent, I had a couple of attempts to get it in my net but eventually managed, it must have been knocking 4lbs. Matthew informed me that he had put in quite a few 'big boys' which are from the feeding pond in the farmyard at the house. It was fin perfect and in superb condition. Switched on my camera but unfortunatley it was one of those were balancing a fish with 1 hand and trying to compose it with the other it gave a quick flick and was gone. So I ended the day with 5 browns and 3 rainbows, a good start to the season.

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