Sunday, 5 December 2010

Not a Chance!

I managed to dig the car out from the drive yesterday afternoon after being stuck since Tuesday, Note to self:- next car must be 4x4!

The main roads around here are clear but the side roads mostly impassable unless in a 4x4. Consequenty not a chance to fish and I beliee the temp must have well below zero all day yesterday.

Anyway a few more snowy pics.

I am still trying to kick start my tying, can't seem to motivate myself yet. I have made a list of what I am going to tie :- LDO, pale watery, Adams, Grey duster, black gnat, tiny yellow parachute to name  a few. I have decided to have a clearout of my flybox and get shut of all those patterns of flies I have never used and just stick to those I have used recently. I thin most people carry far too many flies, I know I did so I am going to be strong and those flies I tied or took with me "just in case" are going!
Watch this space.

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