Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday 31st May

Decided to have the last hour over the road below Baslow Old Bridge but had a rather frustrating time as had been to a bbq next door and drunk a few beers so maybe my reactions were not up to scratch!

There were plenty of olive uprights and smaller paler olives on the wing and again a few mayfly spinners here and there. Fished an olive grey bodied parachute (again) and eventually landed a nice brown after a few abortive attempts. Changed to a pheasant tail parachute and immediately landed a nice rainbow. I have started to use dillywax for my dries and I must say its great stuff, even after catching several fish the fly still floats without further help, recommended.
As usual this past week the temperature dropped about 2115 and the rises stopped, so called it a day.

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