Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Warm Balmy Evening (until 2100)

Chatsworth at 1945 busy?

After a lovely hot day busy doing the garden decided to have the last hour in the park. Met 2 guys coming off at 1930 who said there had been lots of flies hatching all day including olives and the odd mayfly but that nothing much had been rising and they had taken fish mainly on the nymph. So decided to fish my favourite piece in the park where there was a stump from an old willow tree cut down years ago but last winter it had been washed away so I was wondering what effect it would have on the swim. On the way down loads of flies about olives, black gnat and the occaisional sedge. Fish rising here and there. A couple of fish rising in the usual place on the run in so covered the first one and touched it but only momentarily, this was to a grey olive parachute. Covered the second fish and managed to land a lovely brown.

First brown
Lots of black gnats mating on the wing and also on the surface so switched to a double badger and also rose fish and landed a couple. Overall managed 4 out of a possible 8, 50% sucess rate, hmmmm.
Fished on until 2100 when the thermostat was turned down noticeably resulting in most of the fly disappearing along with the fish.
Stopped alongside the cricket pitch on the way back so decided to have a flick and rose a cracking alder bush which made off with my fly so called it a day.
Think I will fish the cricket pitch beat tomorrow evening all being well!

View upstream to the cricket pitch beat.

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