Friday, 29 May 2009

WTT Day at Youlgreave

WTT have a get together again at Youlgreave tomorrow. If the last one is anything to go by it will be a good day. Especially looking forward to see how the habitat improvements have changed the Lathkill and Bradford rivers since last time. Weather forecast looks good too. Think I will go down to the cricket pitch beat this evening. Watch this space!

Went over the road, instead, below Baslow old bridge and fished downstream, a few fish rising and covered and a lively brown and a good grayling landed to a grey-olive parachute. Went downstream by the church and one hell of a hatch of various size olives, some about 12-15mm bodies in brown/olive, also some pale olive but only about 5-7 mm bodies, also some black gnats mating again! Obviously trying to immitate a double badger! Managed to trap some so hopefully someone at the WTT meet will be able to identify them. Maybe medium olives and olive uprights? The fish started to rise like mad with their noses coming up out of the surface so changed to a double badger and got another pair of browns in superb condition and as wild as they come. Fished until 2130 when the temperature dropped again and the fish disappeared.

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