Sunday, 10 May 2009

None Fishin' this weekend!!!!

Didn't manage to get out fishing this weekend so just popped over the road to check the river this evening! The Derwent has now run-off since the recent flood but the bottom still appears to have a cover of brown slime in places. It is running higher than before the recent rains, its in superb condition clear as a bell. It was about 1900 when I checked but no fish rising or any fly about as the temperature had dropped.

Got an email from Stuart Croft confirming the sedges I sent him from April 17th were grannom. This is the furthest upstream they have been reported according to Stuart.

In an earlier blog I mentioned the 'Nana' fly and that the body was muskwash, according to Mr Google muskwash is another name for muskrat! Thank heavens my Nan did not realise that, then I suppose years ago they would not have sold many fur coats made from rat fur! Interesting to note that the fur I have is not the normal grey of muskrat but a fawn/light tan colour.
A photo from a recent outing, the brown having taken a small black parachute when there were black midges on the water.

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