Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saturday Afternoon

After a nice walk this morning along Bradford Dale and down into Lathkill Dale with a "sarnie" on the bridge below Raper Lodge, I then paid a visit to Bakewell for Mrs P to have her weekly fix. We couldn't resist a quick clotted cream scone and jam in the Lavender tea rooms below Peters fly shop. I of course had to pop in to speak to Peter and look at the wading boots he had as I need to replace my Simms boots as I replaced my Simms waders (B. rubbish!) last season. Going to try the Vision Mako, just waiting for them to come in.
Anyway got down to the hut at Beeley by 0230 pm the sun was in and out as a few clouds drifted about but a definite nip in the air as the northerly downstream wind gusted. I decided that I WASN'T going to put on a FSN so went for my D Rib dark olive nymph. I started in the pool above the hut and there was the odd rise here and there but nothing you could rely on. I quickly took a decent rainbow of about 2lbs followed by an out of season grayling. As I worked my way up the pool I was upstream nymphing and the leader again stopped dead in its tracks and another rainbow was landed again to the same nymph. Upstream nymphing is nearly as good as fishing the dry, but not quite! After finishing this pool went down to the pool above Max's bench, I think I will call this Derek's pool from now on as he is the only other person I have seen fish it. I took another grayling and lost a couple of trout. John the reserve keeper came down and we had a good chat as I haven't seen him since well before Christmas. I came out and fished the head of the pool as its too deep to wade up all the way, again I lost a couple more and landed another rainbow before calling it a day at 5pm as there was not really anything rising constantly, still early in the season. I didn't spot many flies about today only the odd sedge here and there. All-in-all an enjoyable afternoon though.


Trout MaGee said...

Sounds like a good time out on the water. Just found blog today. Nice Pics on below posts. The Bridge pic is great.

Baslowfisher said...

Trout Magee,
Thanks for looking in and the good comments.