Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I had arranged to meet Derek down by the cricket pitch after I finished work. I turned up just as he was leaving! It had not been a good day, children and dogs in the river. So I turned around without even getting out of the car and decided to pay a visit to the willow pool which tends to be quieter. I got down there around 1815 and started with a sedge from the Blue Ribbon stable and passed it over a rise right in ankle deep water in the pool and took a decent grayling. The early evening was not as the weather man had predicted but rather cooler than expected, consequently there were no spinners about and only the odd small sedge. Following a couple of long distance releases I swapped to a grey olive klink style but nothing so swapped again to a ptn and took a brown of 14". Again I changed to a sedge pupa and took 2 more rainbows which fought like demons for their size and totally out of character staying close to the bottom which made me think initially they were browns. By 1930 I could tell there wasn't much going to happen so called it a  day after a not too disappointing hour. There's always another day!

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