Sunday, 16 June 2013

Thursday and Friday again

I decided to have Thursday and Friday afternoons off again this week. On Thursday it was an awful day, very windy but I decided to go down to the willow pool at about 2.30. Casting into the face of a gale was not easy and no fish were showing. I persevered with a nymph but nothing so I went up to where the brook runs in below the works where the wind was not showing itself as much ion the water. A few fish were showing and I managed a couple to a dry mayfly but as ever the wind changed direction and made casting impossible. I gave up after an hour. The evening wasn't much better so I didn't bother.

On Friday I met Derek down by the hut at Beeley around 1.30. We went down to Max's bench pool and Derek took the pool above. I started off with a mayfly nymph and quickly landed 2 browns. a couple of mayfly hatched and were quickly polished off so a change to a 1 up 1 down dun and covering the couple of rises resulted in another couple of browns, result! The mayfly continued to hatch intermittently and I was constantly switching between nymph and dun. I landed a lovely rainbow pushing 2lbs to a dun and a couple more browns to the nymph. I got to the top of the pool having a reasonable tally of 8 browns and 1 rainbow. I retreated to the hut and put the kettle on before a cloud burst also brought Derek back fora well earned brew. We called it a day around 5. The evening changed to squally showers again and the temperature dropped so again I didn't bother going out in the evening.

As I write this the spinners are covering my car in the drive but I can't get out as on-call. It's a lovely evening and I have just been over to check the river where there are a line of fish rising below the old bridge. I've put my name on that run for myself for tomorrow evening, finger crossed

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