Saturday, 27 September 2014

A good afternoon but very autumnal

I arranged to meet Derek at the works around 1.45, it was certainly autumnal today. It had started of quite misty but the sun had burnt it off earlier on how ever now it had cloud over. Derek went up to the sycamore and I went down to the willow pool. Fish were head and tailing as there were numerous tiny insects about, nothing definite. I had put a small black beetle on on Derek's recommendation. The first couple of fish covered appeared to take the fly but whether they had taken some thing close or I struck to soon but there was no hookup. It had been quite a few weeks since my last trip so I was probably a bit too keen. Eventually I hooked up with a lovely brown in tip top condition. I decided to swap  to a black gnat as I spotted a few small black flies, this still did not produce the result so again changed to a griffiths gnat which immediately took another brown. I think this was a flook  as nothing else showed any interest. Fish stopped rising and John had come down to make a cuppa so it was time for a quick break.  At the restart fish had started to head and tail again so I decided on a small black buzzer below an indicator, I covered a fish and it was immediately taken and another brown was landed. A second and third soon followed so I stuck with this setup. The temperature was dropping but it had not Put the fish down yet. A couple more browns came to the same setup and soon the activity stopped so I called it a day for 7 browns as I had started to shiver and couldn't stop. When I got back to the car I had  to sit there with the heater going full blast for 10 minutes! Derek had faired slightly better getting 8 fish from the sycamore up so all in all a good afternoon.

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