Friday, 4 September 2020

July and August - Something Happening To Our River?

 July was an odd month, fishing was predominantly restricted to the evenings however what was expected to be lovely barmy evenings turned out to be mainly on the chilly side. Result:- little fly life about and even fewer rises but was there some other factor? There was one spectacular evening when it was warm and there was fly life everywhere, duns, spinners, caddis and midges. I had a very good evening catching  browns including a spectacular grown on brown between 5 and 6 pounds. This was a one off, the fish are there but this year there is a sad lack of weed in the river which naturally keeps the insect like down. 

August was not much better, each outing resulted in fish being taken but the incredible hatches of previous years was not forthcoming. Why is this? I am to the only not the thinking this way too. How are clubs above and below Chatsworth fairing this season? 

The floods of last February must have some effect on the river flora and fauna when you look at the above photos showing the flood it must be at least 10 feet above normal. The sheer power must have ripped up miles of weed, gravel thus remapping the river bed. I know there have been floods in the past but this year, well something extra has happened.

So onto September and the sunset of the season hopefully things will improve.


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