Sunday, 6 June 2021

Normal Service Resumed

 I went down to the cattle drink above the works on Friday evening and what a sight greeted me. Lots and lots of flylife about, clouds of sedge and olives fluttering about. This photo doesn't do it justice!

Just a dusty lens to some people!

The olives were olive uprights I think. Example below:

Male Olive Upright?

At 1930 there were not many rises only the occasional one however within 10 minutes more and more fish were on the move. Whilst the amount of flies around were epic I could not make out what they were rising to as the rise tended to be more of a roll or suck. I had on a size 20 black klink and covered a few risers but couldn't get the drift right. Eventually it came right and a rainbow sucked in the fly and was duly landed on my 7'10" bamboo rod. After losing a couple I noticed a few spinners dead on the water so switches to a size 14 rusty spinner, a bit bigger than when the BWOs are about. 

As I moved up the pool I noticed a small sip several times not much more than a rod length away, I cast ahead and let the spinner drift back and a beautiful brown sipped down my fly. After a bit of a tussle this was landed and duly "snapped". A wild brown trout I'm sure as fins were arrow straight and a spade of a tail. I hope Mr PP would be proud?

Within another couple of casts another sipper was spotted and another cracking brown landed slightly smaller than the previous. I continued to be a lovely warm evening until about 2045 when the temperature started to drop. The flies continued to flit about but there were noticeably less rises, even in the fast water at the top of the pool.

Looking downstream from the cattle drink.

I became chilled so called it a day in this pool but on my way back I saw a rise by the pulpit and after a few casts landed another rainbow. Only landing 4 for the evening but a start.

This badger was spotted during my last outing, I watched it from the river and I am sure it didn't know I was there!
Mr Brock!


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