Sunday, 19 April 2009

A Warm Sunny Afternoon

Started about 1330 just above the works, a hatch was underway, olives and grannom. fish rising here and there. started with a LDO and got a couple of rising browns, then a decent grayling. Sunny day and the grannom increased, managed to trap 1 and confirmed that they were sedge as it had the tell-tale green butt. Got back in just above the sycamore pool and worked way back up, managed a decent rainbow on an green sedge pupa, didn't have any dry sedge patterns on me, that will teach me! So put on a grey parachute, the nearest thing I had, raised and landed a rainbow.

A strange thing happened, I was up to my thighs and noticed 4 large perch at my feet absolutely still. So wondered if they would take a fly so put on a heavy hydropsyche adn dropped it at my feet and bang one of the perch had it, about 1 1/2lb! Now there were 3 so tried again and a second perch took this was bigger than the previous 1. So now 2 left and yes took a 3rd which must have been around 2lb! Needless to say number 4 was having none it now however a 5th perch joined him but whether it was one 1 had already caught well who knows?

Got 2 more rainbows before finishing at 1615, both to a sedge pupa. Overall a good afternoon and the first real warm day I have fished.

BTW can't get to grips with the formatting of this blog, it looks ok on preview but rubbish when published!

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