Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday 5th April

Went into the park at 1300 and fished till 1530. Fish rising here and there even saw a few LDOs. Raised a few and landed a couple of browns on a LDO dry. Also got 1 on a "Nanas" fly. Whats that then? It basically a parachute fly with a muskwash body ( pale tan) with a dun hackle and coq de leon tail. But why Nanas fly, well the muskwash was from my Nans fur coat which was made into something else but there were several off-cuts going spare so not being 1 to let things go to waste! Needless to say it makes a superb body and dubs really well. Used a dark olive squirrel nymph but with an olive bead so had to take a picture to prove to David (I think his name is ) in the Orvis shop in Bakewell that they do work. Still a bit chilly but a glorious day in the park. Noticed a large water vole/rat by the stump pool, did not know what it was but it did have a tail so maybe a rat, who knows?

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