Sunday, 27 December 2009

Bakewell 26th December

Went into Bakewell to blow the Christmas cobwebs away. The hunt came through, a lovely typical English sight, all the horses and dogs. Lots of people watching.
Tried to walk along the river but path still far too icy. There were 2 intrepid anglers but didn't catch anything whilst I was watching briefly. The river was in fine form then but now the snow has all melted and there has been a fair amount of rain so it may be up a bit now.

Hoping to get out this week as have a few days off. Will post details if I do get out.

Best wishes to all and thanks for looking in on my blog.

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glen pointon said...

Ay up Col
I was up there today with my girls but no fishing! the river looked like it was starting to colour like u say, i am on there tomoz so hopefully its in better condition, pop down to see us if u get chance..
nice one