Monday, 24 January 2011

Saturday and a Bit of Grayling Fishing (at last!)

Arranged to fish on Saturday afternoon with Derek on Cressbrook and Litton strecth of the Wye as his guest. We decided to share a rod and so I took my 10' Orvis. We motored down to the Bobbin Mill on the A6 and started about 1400. In my haste to get to the river I left my camera in the car. We went down to the bottom of the streatch and worked our way back up, sharing the rod. I had a pink shrimp and a fox squirrel nymph, both with tungsten beads. I also tried one of those "thingybobbers" as a sighter, still think they are glorified bubble floats but they do exactly what it says on the tin. There was a bit more water than normal coming down and the earlier cold breeze had more or less dropped. I lost 2 grayling first then managed to land a grayling of about 4" and 1 of about 12", good to know the comorants haven't had them all. We worked our way up and Derek dropped a rainbow. I continued up and took another couple of grayling, one being about 14-15" a really nice fish. We were alternating the rod but in the last pool I had to get in the river and as Derek only had wellies on I got the lions share of the run. I took another couple of grayling to finish a good few hours. What was interesting was that the grayling are beginning to show their mating colours now. My casting suffered due to the lack of trips over the last few months so will have to get a bit of practice in, hopefully a couple more outings before the season ends on the 28th Feb.


Jeff said...

I really enjoy your blog and photo album.

Baslowfisher said...

Jeff, Many thanks for looking in. I am going to try and put more closeups of flies/insects this year if I can hack photoshop.