Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thursday 15th September

I went down to Beeley late afternoon at 1700. I fished the pool above the hut but nothing much was showing so I switched to a pale olive fsn and took probably the smallest fish ever, a minnow all of 2.5 inches! A few olives started to show but still only the occasional fish showed, I covered a small rise with a dry pale olive parachute and I watched the fish come up straight for it and took. After what seemed like an age, I struck into a decent grayling which came to hand. I moved to the pool below the hut and again rises were few and far between. Those that did rise were ever so gentle sips. I still had on my pale olive parachute and covered what I thought was a small fish but connected with a good brown pushing 1.5 lbs. Yet again I was deceived by the rise as I was sure it was only a small fish! This was followed by a couple of long range releases before bringing another 2 browns in. Certainly a difficult couple of hours but I am sure we are getting towards the time when evening fishing is almost done for another year. What happened to our summer and warm balmy evenings!

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