Sunday, 4 September 2011

I'm Slipping from doing any blogs!

Tuesday 23rd August
Decided to go down to Bar Brooke again where there was a steady rise of a few fish. I covered them with a sedge as there was loads about but they ignored my offerrings. Hmmm another one of those frustrating evenings? I thought I would try my rusty spinner and immediately got a lovely brown swiftly followed by a blue. Even covering more fish did not really strike lucky so I think those 2 were flookey. I noticed a few tiny yelow/white flies on the surface so dug out my size 22 yellow klink and after a couple of misses took another 2 browns. The nights are definitely drawing in as by 2115 it was too dark to see.
Thursday 25th August
Went down to the 1 Arch bridge again. Fished by the white post and took a blue on a fox squirrel nymph. I then made my way up to the pool below the weir and there were lots of fish showing so on went a sedge as again there were loads about but the same as the other night the fish showed disdain to it. I switched to my rusty again and started to get offers  and some even stayed attached. Mainly browns came to hand with a grayling and a perch all to the rusty spinner, finished with 10 fish for a couple of hours.
Monday 29th August
Arranged to meet Derek down by the works, he had gone upstream so I decided to go down  to the willow pool. It was not a good night, dark clouds with the odd very heavy shower. I managed a brown then the heavens opened so I retreated to the hut for a brew. The sun came out briefly before the rain set in for good but I managed another 3 browns to the size 22 yellow klink. Derek had called it a day when the heavy rain started so didn't manage to catch up with him.
Friday 2nd September
As the Chatworth Country Fair was on this weekend it put the cricket pitch and most of the park out so I decide to pay Bar Brooke another visit as there always seems to be fish showing there. I started with my rusty spinner and took a blue followed by a brown. I finished off with another brown before calling it a evening at 2030 as it was a trek back over the deer boom back to the car before it became too dark to see.

I have noticed a few small olives about during my last 2 outings think these may be Pale Wateries as these do show around this time of the year.
Nights are closing in now and as I write this its 2000 and probably another 20-30 mins is all thats left of daylight. I hate the dark evenings!

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