Sunday, 6 November 2011

First Outing of the Grayling Season

It was a glorious morning here in the Peak District today so I decided to leave the garden tidy-up and go fishing. I went over the road at 1.30 and started off with a size 16 grey klink but with the white post it was difficult to spot amongst the foam so I changed to one with a pink post. This was easier to spot and after a couple of drifts down some likely looking runs I landed my first grayling of about 10". Following another couple of drifts along the same run I took another slightly larger grayling, things were looking good. I was thinking maybe there could be a few more in this run but following another few drifts nothing came so I decided to put on size 20 ptn attached to 18" of tippet off the bend of the klink. I fished up another couple of runs before my 3rd grayling took the ptn this was a better one and I measured it at 13". Again after another cast or two I landed another grayling probably 10-11". 4 grayling in 30 minutes was a result. I decided to move downstream to just above the new bridge and fished there for 30 minutes where I hooked a further 4 grayling but did not manage to touch them so didn't count. I called it a day just after 3 as the cold water was getting through to me. All in all a very pleasant afternoon!


Fishing Blog said...

Sounds like a awesome quick fishing trip.

Anonymous said...

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