Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sunday 13th May - Finally!!!!

At long last I managed to get out for a couple of hours even though it was not exactly spring-like! Since the season started every time I had the opportunity to go, the river was in flood or coloured. Anyway I decided to go down to the works where I knew there would be some respite from  the wind. There were some fish rising below the works and so I started with a large dark olive and covered a few but nothing so a quick change to a black gnat and a take from a rainbow but I soon realised it was foul hooked. I covered several more but again nothing. A small willow type fly I spotted on the surface so another change to a greyolive para ensued but still no-go. I decided to move above the works to the sycamore pool but the wind was really cruel here and the river was dead. I looked closely and below the tree the odd fish showed. I had changed again to a small black gnat and covered a rise on the far side, a good cast, but up came the fish and took. A decent brown legally hooked this time was landed and it looked like a wild one or mayube from the previous season but in exceptional condition. Soon a second fish showed and again covered and hooked, another brown similar to the last but completely different in its markings. I soon called it a day, a very chilly day at that but a decent start, as they say we're off!


Regular Rod said...

At last eh? My pal John Neville loved to fish that sycamore pool back in the '70s. It's good to know the brownies are still there.

When will this cold wind change?

Regular Rod

Baslowfisher said...

Hi Richard, This evening would be perfect but for the temperature! That pool is certainly a challenge as there is a good run right under the sycamore and any hint of drag or not matching the naturals and you have no chance.
Keep blogging,

Four said...

I like ^^ nice