Friday, 18 July 2014

Sunday - A quick hour and Tuesday another hour too!

On Sunday I decided to have the last hour over the road below Baslow old bridge. Unfortunately there wasn't much fly life about so I started with my grey olive parachute which is always a good searching fly. The run along the opposite bank always produces a fish or two and this was no exception as a lovely small brown around 8" took, wild as they come! I noticed another small rise in the run in to the pool and covered it a couple of times before I got the cast spot on and another brown came to hand this time around the pound and a half. I persisted in this pool as time was running out and just as it was getting dark some spinners started dropping so,on with the rusty spinner and immediately a rainbow was landed. 2 further browns were landed before I called time around 1015.

On Tuesday again I decided to have the last hour and a bit but this time down at the willow pool. This time I started at the head of the pool where several fish were head and tailing. It was a glorious evening, warm with the sun about to dip behind the trees, lots of various fly about, spinners, Duns sedges and more! Again I had tackled up with a grey olive parachute and was soon into a decent brown followed swiftly by a second before losing my fly in a tree. As the top of the pool is "protected" by trees on the opposite bank under which the trout rise necessitating a sideways cast. I decided to put on a sedge and again a rainbow was taken. The fish continued to rise but getting them to take was not as simple as there was something they were taking which I could not make out. A few Duns were spotted which went through the head of the pool before being snaffled by the trout but I was not convinced that was the target. I changed to a rusty spinner and immediately was taken by another brown followed closely by a second rainbow which I would put money on being a wild one as it only about 6-8 inches and had the tell tale white tips to its fins. I worked my way down covering several fish but only landed another 2 browns, 6 fish in little over an hour and a half was not a bad evenings work!

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