Tuesday, 14 June 2016

2 Tuesdays - 2 hours!

Last Tuesday I had an hour over the road after work and before our evening meal. The mayfly were coming off still and there were spinners about too at this time. I put on one of the "Staziker" hatching duns which is tied on the dvd which Don and Keith made of the Derbyshire Limestone Streams. It is an excellent hatching dun pattern and it wasn't long before a brown came to hand after missing a few first. Although it's got a bit of cdc in it flows right in the film. several more lovely spotted browns came to hand and an OOS grayling. After about 4 the cdc was done (dun) in and so I swapped to a 1-up-1-down dun. This also started taking the browns too and a few more came to hand finally followed by a rainbow. So in an hour I had 8 fish to hand  and too numerous to count risen.

Tonight I went over to the old bridge to see if there were any spinners about as there were none in my garden which I use as an indicator. There were quite a few about so a quick dash back and jump into my waders and I went over the road and downstream a bit as here I noticed a few fish rising and hordes of mayfly spinners around, it was 8-30 so I had a good 90 minutes ahead of me. Er no after 20 minutes the rain started. so I sheltered beneath a tree.  I had risen numerous fish and had 3 to hand all browns. As the rain started the spinners were still dipping but the fish had gone down. The spinners continued for a while until the rain started coming down in stairods then they started to disappear. After 20 minutes I gave up and dashed home.

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