Monday, 20 June 2016

Sunday 19th June

Today Adam and I went down to the cricket pitch. It started off reasonable although the upstream breeze was rather chilly for this time of the year. Adam got in at the bottom of the cricket pitch and I went upstream. I noticed more pr less straightaway that he was into a fish. He had on a 1-up-1-down mayfly and started picking up fish as he progressed up the pool. Duns were coming off and the odd spinners was about but I think we are at the eve of the mayfly for this year. I got in at the steps and started up the pool towards Bar Brook. The water had the tinge of cold tea but was adequately fishable. Only a few fish were rising and none consistently. I had on a mayfly nymph and was fishing it upstream. A tiny brown came to hand followed closely by a 2nd larger specimen. The nymph wasn't really doing the business so I switched to the same fly as Adam. I covered rises but not much happened apart from a few half hearted slashes at the fly. Eventually a lively rainbow took and was landed. By now I was beginning to get chilled so retreated to the bank to warm up.
Is it summer?
I noticed a fish rising a couple of times centre stream so approached from behind and covered it, on the 3rd or 4th pass it came up and took the mayfly, another rainbow came to hand! I returned to the car to try and warm up as I was starting to shiver.
Adam meanwhile was still moving up the cricket pitch pool and was taking numerous fish. At least he was having a good time!
After warming up I wandered down to see how Adam was getting on and he had brought 10 fish to hand.  He was back at the bottom of the pool again to try and torment the ones he had missed. I waded up with him pointing out rises and he covered them well but struck too eagerly for some. The mayo;y were still coming off and spinners dropping. He brought another 3 or 4 fish to hand.
We called it a day as it had started to rain and most of the fish went down.

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